People Change is the new track from Mipso’s recently released album Edges Run. No stranger to the live circuit, Mipso have also already performed extensively across globe at prestigious events such as Americanafest, Bourbon and Beyond and the Calgary Folk Festival. Now, Mipso continue the complex dance of looking back and moving forward with grace and beauty as they embark on their latest UK/EU tour. The band spoke with The Fountain about the new record as well as their anticipation at playing to Glasgow crowds for the first time.

TF: A new single, how exciting, what has the reception been like so far?

Yeah – exciting indeed!  So far it’s been really well received in the states. It feels great to have crowds singing your songs back at you.

TF: With a title like People Change, what can we expect from the single?

We wrote the song as a reflection on a relationship ending. Not in the kind of way that happens abruptly with harsh words and actions and hurt feelings, but the kind that gradually drifts off away from itself. No one’s at fault, no one did anything wrong, necessarily.  It just wasn’t tended to like a relationship must be to thrive.  So I suppose in listening to it you can expect to be invited to remember all the times that has happened to you and to ruminate on it while a pedal steel serenades you.

TF: And it’s from the album Edges Run, can we expect more of the same from the album?  

We recorded it in Eugene, OR, a cold, wet and dark city in January.  The same January that Donald Trump entered the White House.  We had all recently had relationships end, family members die, and a general reckoning with the bittersweetness of the ending of our late youth.  So we all were in a moody place, and that manifested into a pretty moody record. 

TF: And you are promoting this with a tour, including a gig in Broadcast, that should be fun?

Totally.  We’ve done a tour in Scandinavia, but this will be the first time we hit the rest of western Europe. Really looking forward to some new faces and places to get to know.  I’ve never been to Scotland!

TF: Then you must be excited about the prospect of playing a Glasgow crowd?

We haven’t been yet, so we don’t know what to expect.  We have a lot of buddies who have played in Glasgow and they’ve all told us they love the scene.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date? 

We recently did a really fun short run through the midatlantic US.  Washington, DC; Charlottesville, VA; Raleigh, NC, which ended with a sold out show at the north carolina museum of art.  It was amazing – thousands of people singing all our songs with us. Sometimes you play gigs that validate your decision to make a career driving in a cramped van trying to convince strangers to like you for 150 days a year.  That weekend was exactly that.