The Vegan Leather have an exciting Friday ahead of them. Not only have they released their debut album, Poor Girls/Broken Boys, but they have been shortlisted for the Scottish Alternative Music Awards Best Live Act, which is announced tonight. It’s all go for the four-piece from Paisley, but I don’t think they would have it any other way. The Fountain caught up with Marie Collins from the band to discuss the razzle dazzle.

TF: Great things happening right now for The Vegan Leather, can you elaborate on your feelings on the release of your debut album or being nominated for the SAMAs?

It feels really surreal to have our album released! It’s been a really amazing journey from writing in bedrooms and demoing in carparks to recording at Chem19. It’s an incredible feeling to have a fully formed album out in the world. Being nominated for SAMAs was also amazing! It was really lovely to have so much support from people who voted for us. It’s a bit of a double whammy that the award ceremony is the same day as our album release.

TF: Your album is titled Poor Girls/Broken Boys, what can we expect from your eleven-track debut?

You can expect a lot of disco guitar, dirty riffs and rocky dance-pop tracks.

TF:And you are also performing in Glasgow’s renowned King Tuts, what are your plans for the gig?

So the album artwork is predominantly yellow… so expect lots of yellow. We’ve just bought a helium canister too so lots of balloons. In terms of the live show we’ve always felt really at home in Tut’s and love the energy that’s created in the room. We’re excited to play the album in its entirety with a few surprises thrown in. We played one of our first headlines at Tut’s so it’s really cool to be back playing but this time with an album to our name!

TF: And going back to the SAMAs, how does it feel to be sitting on a shortlist with bands like Bossy Love and Crystal?

All the nominees for this year’s SAMAs are amazing! It’s a total privilege to be part of the Scottish music scene – a scene that is so diverse and exciting.

TF: You have been shortlisted for best live act, how do you keep your act energetic and interesting?

We try to drink lots of water and get a good night’s sleep the night before a gig… But for real, with our kind of music you just have to “go for it”. With the big riffs and dance-rock tracks it sort of just naturally happens. We wouldn’t be doing the songs justice if the live act wasn’t exciting and energetic. 

The Vegan Leather’s Poor Girls/Broken Girls is out today. The SAMAs is also tonight at St Lukes, see here for more details