Blue Tiles, Stephen McLaren and Sean Ormsby, are due to release their debut album, Melancholitronica, which is a synth pop/electronica record with a slow gestation and an atmosphere of its own. Out on 1st November via Errant Media, The Fountain caught up with the duo to discuss the album and the reception it has received so far.

TF: A new album, how exciting, what has the reception been like so far?

We’ve been inundated! In all seriousness, we’ve had the thumbs up from some people whose opinion we really respect, and we’re really encouraged by that. People like Alistair Braidwood (Scots Whay Hae) and Matthew Young (Song, By Toad) have been really encouraging towards us so far and we hope the interest builds towards our release date, as well as our album launch gig on 16th November.

TF: With a title like Melancholitronica, what can we expect from the album?

There’s definitely an element of melancholy to all of the songs on the album, but some more subtle than others in that respect. So, I suppose that’s a running theme. But the album has taken a decade to make, and so listeners can expect our quality control process to be top notch! We’re proud of it and can’t wait for new ears to access what we’ve been brewing for such a long time. 

TF: And are you promoting this with a tour, can we look forward to seeing you live soon?

No tour as such yet, least not before Christmas. But promoters can feel free to get in touch. Our first live gig is at Song, By Toad venue, The Happiness Hotel on Saturday 16th November. 

TF: Have you performed to a Glasgow crowd before, how do you find them?

Not yet, but we will, and given Glasgow’s love for electronica, we think we’d go down well. Hopefully. 

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

We’ve nothing to say on that front since we’ve not played live yet! But watch out for our label, Errant Media, Facebook and Twitter updates for details on how to attend our first one.