Adamski, the DJ, musician and producer who was catapulted from illegal raves to international stardom with chart busting bangers, NRG, and global smash-hit with Seal, Killer, is releasing seven re-imagined versions of NRG in seven weeks, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the seminal track. The Fountain caught up with Adamski to discuss celebrating this big anniversary.

TF: Thirty years huh, how exciting, what influenced you to recreate seven new versions of NRG?

A round number of years is a good time to reminis on what an exciting, blessed life I have had …

It’s funny how retroculture is the thing now, in 1989 I wouldn’t have found 1959 very interesting at all as I was completely engulfed by avant-garde electronic dance music, but then again I did discover The Doors and Rockabilly that was made before I was born as a teenager and found that very inspiring. Anyway the internet makes it all timeless really.

What amazes me is that thirty years after the universe sent me the NRG riff I am still not bored with it and I can still find a myriad of new grooves and melodies to build around it and literally NRGize myself and hopefully other people…

TF: Your music obviously documented an era, is it an attempt to relive that era with this celebration?

Of course there is untold music that documents that era as well as every other era…I don’t attempt to relive any of the past, I am just really grateful and proud to have been part of it.

TF: What else will you be doing to celebrate the anniversary?

I played at the closing party of the Saatchi Galleries Rave Expo a couple of weeks ago, I played live in Es Paradis and djed at Cafe Mambo in Ibiza earlier this summer as my Ibiza live debut was also thirty years ago. I got booked to play at the opening night of Amnesia as a direct result of NRG.

TF: And what more can we expect from Adamski this year, will we have the pleasure of seeing you live?

I’ve done a couple of random live things …no tour booked …I much prefer to dj as Adamski. With four decades of fantastic dance music from disco to trap I find its limitless and more exciting. I do have an alter ego called Sonny Eriksson however, playing what I call Cyberbilly, which is as it sounds, for which I have a beautiful silver Gretsch guitar, brothel creepers, an Elvis mic and a laptop and that is how I currently like to express myself live. It is a bit on hold while we get NRG and Killer anniversaries out the way.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

As Adamski I’d say the aforementioned Amnesia, Ibiza 1989 performance, not just for my doing my own thing but it was possibly the greatest party of the 20th century. I loved many of the gigs I did around that time in the UK with the underground rave scene too, too many to mention as it goes.

As Sonny Eriksson, the Alternative Miss World at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre or The 100 club with Nik Turner from Hawkwind on sax last year.