WeiWei is an Asian American Pop Singer/Songwriter based in N.Y.C. Originally born in Changsha, China her family moved to the U.S. when she was four years old. WeiWei was a musical prodigy as a child, playing violin, piano and guitar; even then she thought she could make music her life’s ambition. Her mother, however, may have had other ideas! WeiWei says she was a stereotypical “tiger mom” and being a pop star was not an option in her household. But although starting out with a conventional ‘mom approved’ career, WeiWei decided to follow her musical dreams. She recently released new track, Human Being, and spoke with The Fountain about it in more depth.

TF: You’ve a new single out, what has the reception been like so far? 

The reception has been amazing! I was featured on DailyMotion’s Daily Pulse and New Music This Week on Youtube Music. I’ve had several playlist adds and store syncs and I am so grateful and excited to release more music!

TF: Can you tell us a bit more about Human Being, like what inspired the title?

Human Being is about just being human. We take people for granted sometimes and expected them to be perfect. It’s about realising that a part of life is making mistakes and that we are all human.

TF: And what touring plans have you at the moment, I know you are based in NYC but any chance of you performing over in Scotland anytime soon?  

I am performing around NYC but would love to start touring soon. The more support I have from different publications and fans like you, the quicker I’ll start a global tour so thank you so so much for spreading the word about my music!

TF: How do you find the Scottish crowd, have you performed here before? Or would you like to?!

I love the culture and would absolutely love to perform in Scotland! Send me an invite?! 🙂

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date? 

My favorite gig has been with Silver Dream Projects in NYC. They closed off several blocks in Bushwick, Brooklyn for a street fair! It was a gorgeous day and the turnout was great!