Pop outfit based in London, Tally Spear, has just dropped new track, Scatterbrain. The singer/songwriter took some time out of her schedule to speak with The Fountain about the single in more depth and her forthcoming plans.

TF: A new single, how exciting, what has the reception been like so far?

All really positive, I’m lucky enough that it’s been played on BBC Introducing London, which is dreamy.

TF: With a title like Scatterbrain, I must say, my thoughts turn to Radiohead, what can we expect from the single?

You know what, ignorantly, I had no idea there was a track by Radiohead with the same title, until someone told me a few months ago. This is a self-titled track about myself so it really could only have one title.

TF: And is the first from an EP or an album that we can see the release of later in 2019?  

No album planned right now, I’m planning on doing single drops, focusing on each song as it’s own entity and story. I’m really excited to release more in the following months. 

TF: Will you be promoting the single with a tour at all, will we have the pleasure of seeing you live? 

I can’t wait, honestly can’t, for the days when I can tour my music, but it’s not happening quite yet, I’m sticking around London for most live shows.