Coventry born and based Shiloh Clarke, a reggae artist with more on his mind than just music, has released his new number Freedom Will Reign in conjunction with climate change activists Extinction Rebellion, also featuring iconic names from the world of music (members of UB40, The Specials and Grammy Award winning producer Roger Lomas but to name a few). It calls for people to stand up to climate change and make an impactful change before it’s too late.  Shiloh spoke with The Fountain about the track and working with Extinction Rebellion along with other organisations.

TF: You’ve released a new single, how exciting! What has the reception been like so far?

The response has been overwhelming – my phone has not stopped ringing with people wanting to congratulate me and with offers for me to perform! This, together with interviews on the radio and TV put together by Geri Perry and Steph Oldfield mean that I am busy which is really good.

The main question people are asking is how I managed to get so many ska/reggae legends together as well as Grammy Award winning producer Roger Lomas? My answer is always is the same: ‘I have known them all for years and have grown up listening to their music.’ This coupled with the subject of climate change has made the reception really positive.

TF: Going from the name of your new single Freedom Will Reign, how would you personally define freedom? How & why is freedom important to you?

I define freedom as being in the position to have choice. In regard to my new single Freedom Will Reign, we as the human race have the freedom to make the right choice and to prioritise saving our planet. As the dominant species on earth, only we have the power and resources to act now in the best interests of our planet – we merely need to choose to do so.

TF: What’s it like to be working alongside Extinction Rebellion?

It is an honour to be working alongside both Extinction Rebellion and Music Declares. Joel Scott-Halkes of Extinction Rebellion and Faye Milton of Music Declares have been a great help. These organisations have made an unwavering commitment to protect our planet. They welcome anyone who wants to protect our earth regardless of age, race, religion or gender. They are kind and understanding and are also prepared to listen to new ideas in order to reach that shared goal.

It is also my pleasure to work alongside Scott Birley and Julia Baron of Utility Team Coventry to help entertainment organisations with the transition towards using cleaner sustainable energy.

TF: Is Freedom Will Reign the first single from an upcoming EP or album? Are there any more releases in the pipeline for 2019?

There are more releases in the pipeline, but not this year because I am too busy at the moment. I have an album of songs to record and look forward to releasing tracks with some more collaborations in 2020.

TF: Will you be promoting the song with a tour at all: will we have the pleasure of seeing you here in Scotland soon?

I am in talks with various promoters, agencies and managers to make it happen. Mark Adams of Music Gateway is supporting me with this, so watch this space. I would love to perform in Scotland, believe it or not I have some Scottish roots! My great grandmother was a white redheaded Scottish lady called Martha Clarke.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

I have performed in some of the best stadiums and music venues worldwide. One of my favourite shows was when the late great Ronnie Scott supported me at the Tic Toc in Coventry. I was supposed to support him, of course, but there were some logistical problems with his band’s equipment, so the billing had to change around. I remember him saying to me: ‘Shiloh you can now say that I’ve supported you – what a claim to fame!’”

On my travels I have had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with many stars and celebrities. I have to say that Ronnie was one of the kindest, funniest, most humble people I have ever met.

Find out more about Extinction Rebellion, Utility Team Coventry and Music Declares.

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