Russian Standard Vodka have some very interesting stats revealing that Scots are most likely to get creative with different flavours in their cocktails as over 40% admit to enjoy experimenting with different herbs and fruits in their drinks. This is compared to English counterparts, such as Liverpudlians, who are least experimental with just 33% trying out new flavour combinations. The Fountain caught up with the RSV team to get their view on the Scottish drinking community.

TF: How do you find the Scottish drinking community in relation to Russian Standard Vodka?

The Scottish drinking community has a strong affiliation with the vodka category, over-indexing in the category compared to England. Similarly mainstream vodka, as mentioned below, is key within the Scottish Market.

Compared to the English market, the Scottish market has a particularly high ROS with Scottish outlets selling 21 9L cases more per year than English outlets on average. Similarly, the Scottish market is particularly strong with mainstream spirits – representing 71% of ALL spirits sales compared to England’s 68%. Categories such as vodka, blended scotch and flavoured rum all over-index compared to England. Brands such as Russian Standard are particularly key, selling 5,523 volume (9L cases) and growing at +20%.

Mainstream vodka represents 77% of sales in Scotland vs. 74% in England so the Scottish market has a particular preference to mainstream end of vodka. In fact, if you look at just Smirnoff and Russian Standard they account for over 66% or 2/3 of ALL Vodka sales.

TF: What kind of flavours do you find they are most inclined to go for?

The study reveals that out of six cities polled, salty cocktails were most popular in Edinburgh. Sweet cocktails were universally popular in Scotland as over 50% of those from Edinburgh and Glasgow preferred a sweet flavour profile.

TF: What do you offer at RSV, it looks like you prefer to have it neat, or mule style?  

Our hero serve is the Russian Mule, made using a simple but delicious combination of Russian Standard Vodka and ginger beer, served with lime and ice. Thanks to the smooth character of Russian Standard Vodka, our vodka can be mixed in a variety of different cocktails including the Raspberry Standard made with Prosecco and the Berryoska, packed full with summer fruit.

TF: Do you think this might change, bearing in mind these statistics? 

Our study reveals that everyone’s tastebuds are very different, with preferences for multiple flavour profiles. Our aim is to get people trying new flavour combinations and experimenting more at home.

TF: Obviously your statistics are focusing on Edinburgh, which is high in cocktail bars, how do you find that differs when comparing with Glasgow or a smaller city like Aberdeen?

It’s really interesting to see that bigger cities are more experimental when it comes to cocktail choices. We created the Mule Market so that people can recreate delicious drinks at home, so people from any smaller city across Scotland can have the chance to experiment with new flavours. It means that everyone can enjoy amazing cocktails in the comfort of their own home, without feeling left-out of cocktail bar culture.

This  can be seen in our study as the overwhelming majority of people from Edinburgh (90%) and Glasgow (85%) have said how much they enjoy cocktails.