Star of ITV’s Plebs and Channel 4’s Friday Night Dinner Tom Rosenthal embarks on his first comedy tour after doing comedy stints on and off over the past ten years.

This show, Manhood, sees him analysing the decision by his parents to remove his foreskin when he was a baby and how this has affected him throughout his life.

A funny introductory video screen showing images of Tom dancing around the screen in various eye-catching garbs grabs our attention as we take our seats in the venue and sets the scene for some ensuing nonsense.

Tom is full of energy and races on to the stage to greet the audience and into a series of non-stop laughs regarding the issue of circumcision – letting the audience know in case they weren’t aware that yes they have come to an hour long show about the male member!

And yes there are a lot of dick jokes in there but Tom has done so much research into the subject of circumcision you can’t help but be impressed by the amount of detail involved in trying to understand why this happened to him without his consent.

From growing up as a teenager comparing himself to others, trying out all manner of objects to try and make it grow back and how it’s always on his mind especially when confronted with a sexual situation, it’s all accounted for.

Tom also uses his acting skills, video and powerpoint presentation to illustrate points and also poke fun at himself and his idiosyncrasies while discussing the real issue of why such an act is performed, the perceived medical benefits and reasons of tradition – all delivered as an insightful and personal take on the subject.

An informative, funny and well constructed show that is full of laughs.Tom will be touring Manhood in the UK throughout September and October.

Dates and tickets here.