Ireland’s Heidi Talbot and Scotland’s Adam Holmes have joined forces for the first time to create an album of original material together under the name Arcade, which they will tour this autumn. Face The Fall is released on Drala Records on 4th October, and so, The Fountain caught up with Heidi about the album and working alongside Adam.

TF: A new album, how exciting, what has the reception been like so far to Arcade? 

Yes we’re really looking forward to this release. Adam and I have been touring together in different bands over the last few years. We really love singing together and started writing songs over the last year. As the songs progressed, we decided to make an album. It became obvious very quickly that the songs we enjoyed writing together weren’t necessarily folk songs.

We both believe in going wherever the song feels good to go and not feel like we need to stay in the confines of what we’ve created before. The outcome is not really a folk record, it’s more pop, but it’s still us and not a completely alien sound. A little different to what either of us has created before but we’ve put our hearts into this music.

We’ve really just been playing it to pals so far but we’re excited to share it further. The main thing is that we both feel really positive about how it turned out.

TF: What inspired the title, Face the Fall, what are we likely to expect from this ten-track record?

We initially thought about it being self-titled but decided that Face the Fall felt relevant for both of us. It’s difficult to say exactly why… it’s more of an intuitive thing. It’s cool to think about life as a horizontal fall that must be faced regardless of doubt or resistance. A lot of the record comes from that place.

TF: And can we look forward to a promoting tour to follow, shall we have the pleasure of seeing you live?  

Yes we are touring the UK this autumn and can’t wait to perform these songs live and set them free into the world! It’s all kicks off on 22 September at The Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh, from there we play Banchory, Glasgow, Bury, Shrewsbury, Cardiff, Cambridge, Barton Upon Humber, Sheffield, Saltaire and finish up at King’s Place in London on 23 October.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date? 

We only finished the record a couple of months ago so we’ve only done one gig so far! It was at Tønder Festival in Denmark and was great. It was really cool for us to get a chance to share the music when it’s still fresh, as that’s quite rare.

TF: And with production by Louis Abbott and songwriting lent from ?Rachel Sermanni, it sounds a feat, what was it like to work them both? 

Louie was great – he brings a raw and determined energy to whatever he’s involved in and it was a perfect fit for what we were working on. His drum sounds were fantastic. Rachel’s song is one of our favourites and was actually the first song we worked on together. We actually stole that song the minute it appeared in her mother’s kitchen. It will always be special to us, our first baby! It began as a beautiful Americana/guitar led piece but we worked on the production a lot playing with sounds. In some ways we owe her in part the sound that became Arcade.