For the last ten years, CAFOLLA has fronted the award-winning group Federation of the Disco Pimp. During this time he has collaborated with music legends such as Pee Wee Ellis (James Brown, Van Morrison) and shared the stage with the likes of Nile Rodgers and CHIC, Sister Sledge and James Taylor Quartet to name but a few. Now, CAFOLLA prepares to go it alone with new single 1985, the lead from his debut album Cowboys and Africans, which is out later this year.

TF: A new single, how exciting, what has the reception been like so far? 

It’s been great, the track seems to have captured peoples imaginations, throwing them back to the 80s yet with a message for today!  From getting the official video screened at the Dunfermline Filmhouse/Outwith Festival, to radio play from Jim Gellatly, to just people buying/streaming the single – it’s been all good. It’s been amazing getting so many compliments about the lyrics as well as the music itself, people seem to be connecting with the message, I can’t ask for more than that.

TF: With a title like 1985, it’s taking me back a bit, is it a bit of nostalgia, a bit retro?

It’s Past / Present / Future and showing how they all connect. When we think of the 80s – consumerism and yupp-ism would be some of the first things associated with then but I’m saying it’s worse now and connected the dots. I also reference Pyramids & slaves to show how long this has been in place for and asking the question, will this be the future if we continue on this path? Also I get to use LINN Drum machines, 80s synths and use words like Reaganomics and mention Thatcher’s horrible actions so it all really sets the tone rather than being purely nostalgia. 

TF: And is the first from an EP or an album that we can see the release of later in 2019?

1985 is the first single from my upcoming debut solo album COWBOYS & AFRICANS that will be released in the next few months.

TF: Will you be promoting the record with a tour at all, will we have the pleasure of seeing you here in Scotland?

There will be a BIG launch party show in Glasgow, as well as a playback listening party of the album and hopefully more dates, so yes, it’ll all start in my hometown and more of Scotland for sure.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

There hasn’t been any gigs for this album yet but playing a sold out show at the Arches a few years back with my other project, FEDERATION OF THE DISCO PIMP, is up there with a lot of amazing gigs I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with my own material.

1985 is out now, via Dusty Reel Records.