SCHIZOFACTORY is a unique music project based in Glasgow which stands out with its authentic Eastern European aesthetic delivering a fresh dose of art to the Alternative music scene. They recently released their new single, The Middle, which they discussed with The Fountain in more depth.

TF: You’ve a new single out, what has the reception been like so far?

It’s been not too bad! We’re still very new on the block so we’re working hard to promote our art. We were delighted that the music video for The Middle was viewed 28 thousand times on Facebook (between March and now), so we’re hoping the single will catch up at one point!

TF: Can you tell us a bit more about SCHIZOFACTORY, like what inspired the name?

SCHIZOFACTORY is a music project founded by myself (Monika), in which I strive to create a universe that encapsulates everything that defines, inspires and hurts me. I’ve been writing songs for as long as I can remember, but it was only after I met JP Reid of Sucioperro, (who produced the music) when my songs really came to life and got properly recorded. JP and I are also very close friends so he knows exactly what I want to achieve with my records. Ordinarily I place a lot of meaning into my art – both music and visuals in SCHIZOFACTORY are carefully crafted in order to convey the elusive beauty of childhood sentiments, as well as to aptly depict the Eastern European surroundings I grew up in – for instance the flowers you can see on the cover of ‘The Middle’ are a real painting which I witnessed being made when I was six years old – they’re still there on the back of garages outside my family home. All other promo shoots were also taken in Poland as I was very keen on creating a very authentic aesthetic complementing the songs. With all that being said SCHIZOFACTORY as a name does not really have a meaning – I remember when I randomly thought of it in 2012 and decided to make it my Instagram handle. After that I decided that my future band, or any music project I get involved in is going to be called exactly that as I think it’s quite a catchy and unique name!

TF: And what influenced you when it came to The Middle, what is the premise of the track?  

The Middle is a song about the fear of growing up and equally wanting and resenting the idea of becoming a fully formed adult with a more mature gaze. I wrote this song shortly after I moved to Scotland – I came here knowing nobody and with lots of goals and ambitions and I knew I had to learn how to be independent at a fast pace. It was all thrilling and exciting but also terrifying – it had me worried I’d become something completely disparate from what I was back in Poland – less inspired and more cynical. I think The Middle can be described as an ode to innocence and authenticity; it’s about the importance of holding on to your pure, child-like gaze in order to remember who you really are and what you really want from life.

TF: Have you any plans to tour, can we have the pleasure of seeing you in Scotland soon? 

With some changes happening in the band at the moment and our drummer leaving we thought we’d focus on recording a bit more material whilst planning our next move gig-wise. We truly can’t wait to get back on stage but we also want to release as much music as possible! In the next few weeks we will be releasing more songs which carry the theme  of ‘Kids from the Block’ and all revolve around growing up in Eastern Europe. I really can’t wait to share them!

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date? 

All gigs were super fun to play, but I think our last one in Stereo on 17th December 2018 was everyone’s favourite! It was organised as part of the Music Production module in Dan’s (SCHIZOFACTORY’s guitarist) college and we played alongside some cool established and new bands. By that time we had gotten to know each other as band quite well, we’ve developed a great vibe and energy between each other. We also connected with the audience very well and even got approached by some people afterwards who really enjoyed our songs! Such a great night. We look forward to more performances like this!