Richy Muirhead established a Scottish specific Awards, the SAMAs, the Scottish Alternative Music Awards, ten years ago, and this year will really see him rock things up with new partners and funding on the scene for the SAMAs this year. Calling it a Relaunch, he invited many collaborators and partners to an event, sharing the news of what this anniversary for the SAMAs will offer this year. Working in collaborating with both Cryptic Theatre’s Sonica Festival and Liverpool Sounds City, Richy will be doing his usual to promote the array of Scottish music talent this country has to offer, livening things up for the special occasion.

TF: Ten years of the SAMAs, it must make you take stock of what you’ve achieved over the last decade?

Yes, it’s really great to look back and remember some of the earlier moments when it all just kind of took shape. And even last year with the likes of Blanck Mass playing at the Awards Ceremony, it was not really heard of, it’s quite a bold thing to do. And then Kathryn Joseph playing our Paisley Takeover, there have been a lot of great moments.

TF: Your finest moment?

I think I have to say that the finest moments are going to be this year. There is so much greatness within our team and with our partners who we are working hard with behind the scenes. With so much experience, doing this for so long, it feels like a really important and great time to invest a lot of energy into it.

TF: And you titled this a Relaunch, why a Relaunch and what is being Relaunched?

Before this, the last thing we did was the Paisley Takeover, which was a great success and before then, we have always been planning towards the Awards Ceremony so between the Takeover and now, we have been working with new partners and raising sponsorshop, and funding, to enable all these amazing ideas to come to fruition.

So basically it’s about sharing the great stuff that we are going to start doing, which is collaborating with Liverpool Sound City next year, collaborating with Sonica, which is a visual arts festival. And details of our Awards Ceremony, which is celebrating its 10th year, so it’s just bringing all of that to life. And also we are very lucky and privileged to be working with Creative Scotland who are investing money into it, which is incredible. Everything about year ten, the energy, the vision, it’s all there, it’s a good time.

TF: It’s very clear from what you do that you champion the work of Scottish musicians, with your partnership with Helps Musicians Scotland and your willingness to offer them the spotlight, what was it about Sonica and Liverpool Sound City that made you want to partner with them?

It’s all about the people. I like to have partners that understand what I am about and I understand their ambitions and their goals. Dave and Rebecca down at Sound City, they’re music daft, which is something that resonates with me, I live and breathe music. And this is the same with Cathie Boyd at Sonica, her passion for visual art is incredible and quite inspiring so it feels quite natural to be working with these people. And especially when they understand my huge passion for Scotland and our artists and our genres and our industry; to just collaborate and create something together. I wouldn’t have thought years ago that I would be doing these external events, just perhaps the Awards Ceremony, but it’s great to see things really taking shape.

But first things first, there’s an Awards Ceremony in October, hosted by Jim Gellatly and Leyla Josephine.

The Scottish Alternative Music Awards takes place in St Lukes in Glasgow on Friday 25th October 2019