The star of international stage hit Impossible makes his much-anticipated Edinburgh Fringe debut, with Black Magic. Direct from appearances on BBC One’s BAFTAs, ITV1’s This Morning and Sky’s Around The World in 80 Tricks, and his acclaimed London residency, join one of the most explosive names in street magic today as he effortlessly combines intricate sleight of hand with jaw dropping break-dance moves. Magical Bones spoke with The Fountain about the show as well as the inspiration behind the project.

TF: You are performing at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, how excited are you?

I’m super excited and looking forward to the whole experience

TF: Your show certainly sounds intriguing, what is the premise?

My show is called Black Magic. It’s a unique magic show that celebrates historical black magicians and challenges the pre-conceived notions of what black magic really is.

TF: And what drove the project, where do your influences lie?

This show was inspired from the story of Henry “Box” Brown, who as far as I am concerned performed the greatest escape act of all time: Brown was a former slave that escaped to freedom on the 23rd of March 1849, by literally mailing himself in 3- foot-long wooden box from Richmond, Virginia, all the way to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where slavery was abolished.

TF: What are your plans for the Fringe, having been before are there any tips or musts you would offer to first-time performers?

I plan on doing the whole run and I would like to catch as many other shows as possible, as well connecting with really interesting people.

TF: And what are your future plans, beyond the Fringe?

I hope the show is successful and I would like to kick on from Edinburgh and do a national tour. I would also like to adapt the show into a TV show as well.

You can see Magical Bones: Black Magic at Underbelly, Bristo Square, from 31st July – 25th August at 18:35. For tickets, go to