The Woods lets his expansive imagination run riot in the nocturnal strains of the genre-defying Night Silk Threads, his new EP. Composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and loop artist otherwise know as Johnny McFadzean from rural Scotland originally joined a world-famous choir, leading to what can only be described as several surreal experiences for a ten-year-old, touring the planet and singing twice at the Sydney Opera House, before becoming The Woods. Johnny spoke with The Fountain about the EP as well as how he adopted his pseudo.

TF: You’ve just had a new EP out, what has the reception been like so far?

Yeah it’s pretty awesome to have the EP released into the wild! It’s been a proper DIY job- self released, self produced (I did the artwork myself too), so it’s quite a big deal for me to see recordings of the sounds in my head being enjoyed! I’ve got a lot of music still to release though so now this one’s out I’m really just thinking about the next release!

TF: Can you tell us a bit more about Night Silk Threads, what inspired the title? And will you be promoting that with a tour, can we expect a live rendition soon?

Title track Night Silk Threads was inspired by walking back from a gig through the city late at night. It’s about the interconnectedness of late night city dwellers. The fleeting connections and tensions of crossed paths, intertwining encounters and hidden stories. Each of us in a different state of limbo and consciousness.

I’m playing a bunch of gigs around the UK this Summer, from Cornwall to 
Inverness, so will hopefully be playing near you soon (that sounds quite creepy eh… check under your beds at night folks, The Woods might be playing- ha).

TF: And what influenced your pseudo, The Woods?

Partly because no-one can ever spell my surname, & partly because I was reading a lot of Emerson & Thoreaux when I decided to make music my life. They talk a lot about the importance and restorative powers of nature and the woods- ‘In the woods is eternal youth’. I decided anything creative I do would be called ‘The Woods’. Music is my solace. I get pretty nervous before a gig, but when I’m playing everything else in my mind disappears.

TF: What are the rest of your plans for 2019?

I’m playing around the UK this Summer & have some more music to release this year. I’m also working on some music for a film, which is great fun! Watch this space eh.