Bursting onto the scene with passion, emotion and talent, Los Angeles’ Short Round Productions presents Filament. Amazing circus skills collide with a story inspired by your favourite 80s teen movies to create a Fringe show coming to the Underbelly’s Circus Hub. The Fountain spoke with Short Round Productions about the premise of the show and their key influences.

TF: You are performing at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, how exciting?

Yes, it’s insane! It’s very surreal that it’s all happening! It has been a goal of mine for years to have Filament show at Ed Fringe, and to be a part of Underbelly and the Circus Hub, it’s really an amazing opportunity. I feel hella lucky!

TF: Filament certainly sounds intriguing, what is the premise?

So, Filament is a circus show with a story. It’s about eight young characters and their experiences with discovering who they are and where they fit in the world. We don’t use dialogue at all, so everything is done physically. Not a lot of circus shows incorporate linear narratives into the thread, but our storylines are quite comprehensible, and the circus acts really heighten the emotions and themes.

TF: And what drove the project, where did your influences lie?

I used 80s American teen movies as the jumping off point for the stories. Having grown up in Los Angeles surrounded by movies and TV, those were my morality tales, so it was fun adapting those familiar plots for today. From the song choices to the lighting to the overall aesthetic, I wanted things to be simple, effective, and authentic so that everything resonates cohesively. I put into it what I’ve always wanted from a circus show, and I hope audiences will feel that.

TF: What are your plans for the Fringe, having been before are there any tips or musts you would offer to first-time performers?

I just want things to run smoothly and for the show to sell well! I’ve never performed at this festival, but I have attended it. Having done the Adelaide Fringe Festival, I would definitely advise first-timers to pace themselves. There are so many shows to see, people to meet, and fun to be had, but getting some sleep is always a good thing. It’s intense, hectic, and full of pressure, so remember what your intentions are and that your art is a powerful gift.

TF: Is there anything you are keen to see whilst in Edinburgh?

I’m looking forward to seeing my friends who have their own shows here. It’s always exciting to support your friends’ work! It’s refreshing and inspiring to see shows outside of the circus genre, so I’m on the hunt for the buzz. And I always make sure to stop by MUMS Great Comfort Food because we just don’t have that in LA, and it is off the chain!

TF: And what are your future plans beyond Filament?

We’ll see what comes from being at Ed Fringe. But few weeks after that run, Filament embarks on a tour across Germany, visiting 20 different cities, so go to the website to check out where it plays. I’ve also started work on a new project for Short Round Productions that I would like to get off the ground in the next couple of years. But I just finished grad school this past May and have been going non-stop since, so I’m really just looking forward to a legit vacation!

You can see Filament at Underbelly’s Circus Hub on the Meadows from 3rd – 24th August (Not 7th, 12th or 19th) at 17:00. For tickets, please visit www.edfringe.com