Featured in NYTimes and Time Out, Sam Morrison’s a master at finding hilarity in the awkward adventures of being a closeted gay man… who wants to have sex with your dad. Built off decades of journal entries, Hello, Daddy! weaves stories of gaiety and heartbreak across decades to chronicle Sam’s transformation from shy cucumber-shaped virgin boy into a daddy-f*cking manifesto of a person. He’s taking the show to Edinburgh for the month of August, and so, The Fountain caught up with Sam about the show and the drivers behind the show.

TF: You are performing at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, how exciting?

Yes, I’ve been dreaming about this for about half a decade now. I’m finally ready artistically to invest in this adventure and can’t wait to share this show with Fringe goers!!

TF: Hello, Daddy! Certainly sounds intriguing, what is the premise?

F**king dads. Next question. Hahaha kidding! Kind of.

It’s set in 2014 where a 19-year-old horny virgin Sam fantasizes about absurd alternate life paths and recounts autobiographical flashbacks. Fantasy and fiction are blurred as we go to gay conversion camp, have sex with Seth Rogan, and find love. It’s a bizarre, vulnerable, and discomforting queer coming of age story that will make you laugh, cry, and cum. It’s a show for the whole family. Seriously, bring your dads.

TF: What drove the project, where did your influences lie?

I initially gravitated towards stand-up because I felt trapped with a sexuality that I didn’t have the confidence to speak out loud. I’m gay but also have only ever found myself attracted to fat old men (OK now what you’re imagining but only fatter and older). Stand up is how I have been able to express that and often came out to friends and family on stage. A good comic is in a unique position power. The audience can’t hate you if they’re too busy laughing. I needed that cover to express myself. I’ve always been more comfortable saying “I’ve had more dads inside me than New Balance shoes” to hundreds of strangers than to hold my boyfriends hand in public (I’m working on the hand holding bit). That is the motor behind this project, and the piece has grown older with me as it ultimately follows my struggles to find a coherent sense of self in chaotic dad-filled New York City.

Artistically, I’ve been infatuated with Mike Birbiglia, Bo Burnham (and more recently Hasan Minhaj) since before I knew I was gay. So for about 25 years now.

They craft meaningful shows. They challenge you and I mean really challenge you. In that way that makes you question yourself and dissect the jokes for weeks after. I want people to walk away from Hello, Daddy! exhausted from laughing, just a tad disturbed, and ultimately sincerely challenged.

TF: And what are your future plans beyond?

I am currently a writer for a new Bravo show and will continue to resume writing after the festival. I’ve got lots of college gigs, comedy festivals, and gay festivals lined up and am hoping to begin performing my next one man show this Autumn.

Sam Morrison’s debut Edinburgh Festival show Hello Daddy! will be at the Just The Tonic Marlin’s Wynd from 1st – 26th August at 17.15. For tickets, go to www.edfringe.com