Richard Duffy’s been celebrating Christmas every day since the day he was born. Is he happy? Is this healthy? You decide! One third of critically acclaimed sketch group Planet Caramel goes rogue to tell the story of his Christmas Fundamentalist upbringing at Edinburgh’s Fringe this August. The Fountain spoke with Richard about the show and Christmas Fundamentalism.

TF: Richard, you are performing at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, how exciting?  The Official Edinburgh Fringe Christmas Show certainly sounds intriguing, what is the premise?

The Christmas Fundamentalist movement promotes the practice of celebrating Christmas every day worldwide and this is our first time at the Edinburgh Fringe. I have been celebrating Christmas every day since the day I was born and I’m here to tell you my incredible life story through the medium of character comedy.

TF: And what drove the project, where did your influences lie?

The Christmas Fundamentalist movement was founded by Mr Andy Park, AKA Mr Christmas, who has been celebrating Christmas every day since July 1993 ( – so he’s obviously our biggest influence and an inspiration to all humanity. He’s a bit like our Jesus while Santa Claus is our God. We think it’s sad that humanity has not yet seen The Light Up The Chimney and we hope that by the end of the Fringe we will have between 400,000 and 450,000 new followers, all celebrating Christmas every day as of August 27th.

TF: What are your plans for the Fringe, having been before are there any tips or musts you would offer to first-time performers?

Our biggest tip for first-time performers would be to locate all of the year-round Christmas shops. There are three and they are an absolute Santa-send to any budding Christmas Fundamentalist. Don’t let performing a show every day get in the way of you celebrating Christmas. Make sure you still consume the full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings directly before your show so that you don’t go hungry on stage. Make sure your venue has a workable chimney or Santa will get angry.

TF: And what are your future plans beyond Christmas Fundamentalism?

Christmas Fundamentalism is a way of life – there is nothing beyond it. Post-Fringe we are sending Richard on a five year long world tour in order to recruit a global following of Christmas Fundamentalists. Plans after that point are a secret.

You can see The Official Edinburgh Fringe Christmas Show at Champions of Festival @ The Scotsman from 2nd – 26th August (Not 13th) at 15:20. For tickets, please visit