Lydia Ainsworth, the acclaimed singer/songwriter/producer, recently released her third album Phantom Forest. The record, the follow up to 2017’s Darling of the Afterglow and her first since relocating from Toronto to Los Angeles, is themed around the precarious state of nature in the modern world. Lydia, spoke with The Fountain about touring in the UK in September, and previously working with Bella Union on releases.

TF: You’ve a new album out, what can we expect from that? What inspired you to title it Phantom Forest?

You can expect to be transported to a mystical fantasy pop dream world that mirrors our current ecological crisis. Phantom Forest is a concept pop album centred upon our disappearing natural world. 

TF: And will you be promoting it with a list of touring dates?  

Yes indeed, I will be going on tour in the US in July and I’ll be heading to the UK in September. I’m really looking forward to playing in Glasgow, it will be my first time! My show is on September 13 at Broadcast. 

TF: Where has been your favourite gig to date? 

This is hard to answer. I have loved touring and traveling to new places so much. I also have enjoyed the simple intimacy of playing a friend’s house party. If I had to choose one I suppose it would be a show I played at Copenhagen Frost Festival a few years ago. I performed in a giant crystal dome on the water. It was my first tour to Europe, I just remember so many smiling faces singing along back to me in this incredibly beautiful setting, it was all very magical and overwhelming. 

TF: What was like working with Simon Raymonde and Bella Union? Why did you decide to self-release Phantom Forest? Or how did you find the process? 

Working with Simon Raymonde was fantastic. I really admire his work both musically and on the label side. He told me about his transition from being on a label to owning his own, his story proved to be a catalyst of inspiration to start my own label. The process of self-releasing has been great. I am learning as I go and I’m lucky to have a very wonderful team.

Lydia Ainsworth will be performing live in Broadcast, Glasgow on 13th September