Felix & The Scootermen have granted the audience, access all areas with their new Fringe show! A-list, pop-star celebrities Felix Scoot and Lee Delamere offer a self-help masterclass on how to become as famous as they are! Drawing on their sizeable years in the music biz with chart-topping band Felix & The Scootermen, they’ll teach them how to write the hits and play the fame game… and win… big! Felix and Lee spoke with The Fountain about the show in more depth.

TF: Self Help Yourself Famous certainly sounds intriguing, what is the premise?

The show is a deep dive into the world of Fame from the point of view of two ‘elder’ statesmen of the Pop industry. Felix & The Scootermen, aka Felix Scoot & Lee Delamere, grant the audience Access All Areas with their own self-help masterclass on how to become as famous as they are! They’ll teach you how to write the hits and play the fame game … and win! … BIG!! That is until the wheels begin to fall off the seminar as surreal flights of fancy and old wounds get the better of the two entrenched friends. One push too many and the dark truth behind their relationship comes spilling out. Things will never be the same again. Unless one of them has discovered the secrets of mind-control…

TF: And what drove the project, where did your influences lie?

Myself and Irwin have always been inspired by comedy. But the concept for the show was born when Irwin suggested writing a Dummys Guide to being in a band. We messed around with this concept for a while (and may well return to it) but it morphed into a Comedy show with music. Deep down we just like to entertain people – but that usually starts with one another. If nothing else, we have had a lot of fun putting the show together.

TF: Have you been to the Fringe before, is there anything you are keen to see whilst in Edinburgh?

This is our first year – so take our advice at your peril. I have no direct advice based on experience. But I am a big fan of throwing yourself in fully committed to anything you do. Make sure you allow yourself lots of time to get your show ready and surround yourself by good people who are willing to give you honest and brutal advice. We are in a generation of people who think fame and success is an overnight thing – but that just isn’t the case in the majority of cases.

TF: And what are your future plans beyond the Fringe?

If we have learned anything from the Music and creative industry it’s not to plan too far ahead. That said, by 2033 we fully expect to be fronting a new Saturday Night TV show, Chores and Jaws, in which contestants are set a series mundane household challenges such as dusting and ironing that they must complete whilst avoiding hungry wild animals.

Felix & The Scootermen’s debut comedy show Self Help Yourself Famous will be at the Underbelly Friesian on Bristo Square from 31st July – 26th August at 16:40. For tickets, go to www.edfringe.com