In the midst of playing a string of festivals this summer including Latitude last weekend, County Line Runner, aka singer-songwriter Adam Day, has just released new single, Our Little World on KIDinaKORNER and Polydor Records. County Line Runner will also soon embark on a UK headline tour this October, including a date at Glasgow’s King Tut’s. Adam spoke with The Fountain about the plans for 2019 as well what inspired the band name.

TF: A new single, how exciting, what has the reception been like to this track?

Thanks, yeah it seems really positive from what I’ve heard. I hope people enjoy the song.

TF: And what are your plans for the remainder of 2019, an EP, an LP?

A few more singles then we’ll put something together like an EP.

TF: And can we expect to see you live soon, will you be performing in Scotland anytime soon?

Yeah we’re in Glasgow at King Tuts in October and quite a few other places around then. I’ve never played in Scotland so I’m looking forward to it.

TF: What inspired the name County Line Runner, are you indeed a runner?

Haha no…not into running to be honest. The names from an American TV show in the 90’s. There was this outlaw kind of guy who used to try and get to the state and county line to evade the police….they never caught him. I liked the mystery and romanticism around that.

Adam Day, AKA County Line Runner, performs in Glasgow’s King Tut’s on 18th October 2019.