Trevor Drury is a singer songwriter and a story teller. Stylistically, Trevor’s music is best described as alt pop, flavored with elements from indie rock and jazz and he has a unique retro style. His musical influences range from Radiohead to Elvis Presley. Having just released new video, Head on the Tracks, he spoke with The Fountain about his plans for 2019.

TF: You’ve a new video out, what has the reception been like so far?

So far people seem to be really enjoying it!

TF: Can you tell us a bit more about Head on the Tracks, what is the premise?

Ch 4 is a song I wrote a while back acoustically. There was a long time after a break up I went through; I was writing loads of songs to get my thoughts and emotions out there. Ch 4 is a product of that, basically it’s a song about an emotion, that feeling when you know without a doubt that life is going in a direction you’re not wanting, but it’s inescapable.

TF: And will you be promoting that with a tour, can we expect a live rendition soon?

Yes, I’m not sure about a tour exactly, but I will be in NYC and be playing some places out there. But a tour and generally more live performances are on my mind.

TF: And are you working towards an EP or LP, what more can we look forward to from you in 2019?

I’m looking to have a fully produced album, I’ve still got a couple more songs to record though, but be on the lookout for that…

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

My favourite has been playing with Ramin Karimloo in Japan and the UK. That was an amazing experience.