Insecure a piece of electropop that touches on the deeply relative feeling of being messed around by someone who thinks you’re a pushover. Nashville-based singer/songwriter Svrcina, who recently released this track, spoke with The Fountain about the process for choosing a title, as well as her favourite gig to date.

TF: A new single release, how exciting! What has the reception been like so far? 

Honestly, the response so far has been completely overwhelming. Our whole team poured our hearts out into the release, because we felt like it was super special, but now that it’s out, and we’re watching it pick up steam, the whole thing is blowing our minds. We were added to 30+ playlists in different territories, and in less than 2 weeks, we’re sitting at nearly 400k streams on Spotify alone. 

TF: You’ve titled it Insecure. What inspired the title?

My co-writers and I started this song with chords and melody first. One of my dearest friends and collaborators, Gaby Feldman (based in the UK), immediately came to my mind to ask if we could work on it together. I had a bunch of scratch lyric and recorded a rough map for her to hear, and we started a classic Google Doc with all ideas and fragments. She replied and dropped in a giant list of potential titles, and asked me to take a peek and see if anything jumped out. As I listened back to the melodies and looked at the list, halfway down was the most perfect title that seemed to leap out called Insecure. When I talked to Gaby about heading in that direction, she actually mentioned she hoped that was the title I would pick. Something about the attitude of the melodies automatically paired perfectly with that title. It was simply a matter of uncovering what it all meant! 

TF: You’re based in Nashville. Does that have an influence on your music?

100%. Honestly, I’ve been so refreshed by the open-hearted/supportive synergy among the creative community here in Nashville, and the genuine excitement to grow and create music that feels fresh has significantly played a role in the music I’m creating. Nashville’s a special city, and there are so many artists, producers, and writers in the pop/electronic/independent scene that I’ve been super inspired by, either watching from a distance or in the process of collaboration. For me personally, my heart explodes with love for the international music community, so it’s been super important for me to stretch and also blend the collaboration process with writers/producers I’ve been working with abroad, and merge as much as possible with Nashville.  

TF: Are you scheduled to perform anytime soon? Can we expect to see you in Scotland at all? 

Right now, our team is in the process of introducing all of this new music single by single, and tying a bow around a first LP in late spring/early summer. We plan to host a release party locally in Nashville, and are eager to hit the road. 

And let me just tell you, you will never have to pull my arm to come to Scotland! I would be there with my overpacked, very overweight suitcase in three seconds!

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date? 

So far, my favourite gig was actually just a few weeks ago at a secret show hosted by local platform Nashville Unsigned & AirBnb Experiences, at a place called Trimble House. It was the first full set that I’ve done with a lot of the music I’m releasing, and because everything is so fresh, and it’s been such a long process to develop as an artist, it felt like so many dots were connected visually, sonically, and for the first time, I actually felt like myself while performing. I was so grateful to everyone who worked so hard to pull it all together, and everyone who came, and the atmosphere was so encouraging, I just loved every second!