Northwest was formed in late 2015 when multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Ignacio Simón and visual artist, composer and singer Mariuca García-Lomas moved from Spain to the UK. They gained media attention with three home recorded singles (Reflection, Wind and Look At Me) which were released in early 2016 accompanied by three enigmatic music videos directed by themselves.

TF: A new single, how exciting, what has the reception been like to this track?

This is very special song for us. I (Mariuca) cried while I was recording it and some of my friends cried as well the first time they heard it, that for me it’s the biggest compliment of all.

TF: You’ve titled it London, what is it about London that influenced you to title it so?

In late 2015, we quit our jobs back in Spain, left everything behind and decided to dedicate our lifes to music and art. We moved to the UK and started Northwest. After spending a month in Cumbria we headed to London where we’ve been living since then. London for us was and still is more than a city. London represents our decision to risk, to believe in art and in ourselves, and to never give up on the life we want to live.

TF: And what are your plans for the remainder of 2019, an EP, an LP?

We’re starting an European tour in April (we’ll post the dates in the upcoming weeks on our website and FB) and we’re also going to make more videos, some collaborations with some of our favourite artists and a second LP.

TF: And can we expect to see you live soon, will you be performing in Scotland anytime son?

Actually, we’ve never played in Scotland but we would love to, so if anybody knows any booking agent, venue, festival or similar up there, please contact us! We’re preparing a European tour for April and like I said, we’ll be posting all the info about it on our website and FB as soon as we have everything confirmed.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

It’s difficult to pick just one. We’ve had the chance to play in all sorts of different and weird and beautiful places from squat houses and our friend’s living room to experimental tethers and an art gallery. The one that comes to mind at the moment was the one we organised in London last year. We rented a whole church and decided to throw a free entrance arts festival. We invited some of our favourite artists from around the capital (which was awesome because we got to know a lot of them in person). It was a lot of work because we did it entirely by ourselves but the place was magical and we put our entire hearts and souls into it.