Out now, on Don Giovanni Records, The Big Freeze is the long-awaited fifth album by New York-based songwriter Laura Stevenson. In support of the new album, Stevenson will be touring Europe and the UK this June, including a gig tonight in Glasgow’s Broadcast. The Fountain caught up with Laura on the reception to the new album and what to expect from tonight’s gig.

TF: You’ve a new album out, congratulations! What do you feel the reception has been like so far?

Thank you!! I feel like people have been really nice and supportive and have been listening to it in a really thoughtful way which was the intention so that’s great!

TF: Can you tell us a bit more about The Big Freeze, such as what inspired the title?

Well- it’s kind of about loneliness and pain in the past and present and just the weight of everything so… the theory of The Big Freeze kind of plays into the aesthetic a bit – everything drifting apart.

TF: You are performing around the UK at the moment including a show in Glasgow, what can we expect from this?

I’m doing a solo set which has been really exciting for me/ this record is very solitary and very much relies on an emotional performance so playing solo I can really feel the songs and feel how I felt while I was making the record. So it’s been very fun so far.

TF: Have you performed in Glasgow before, how do you find the crowd?

I have! And I have always had a really great time in Glasgow. Everyone has always been warm and receptive and nice to me which is a very nice energy to be getting back from an audience for sure.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

Of all time? That’s very hard to say. The last NY show was great because we had a backup vocalist and a cellist playing with the full band and that was incredibly beautiful and exciting.

For tickets and information on tonight’s gig at Broadcast, Glasgow, click here.