With the arrival of new single Weathervane and news of their upcoming album, Arrows, Kettle of Kites have much to wag tongues about. With its constituent members hailing from Scotland, England, Belgium and Italy, Kettle of Kites gaze far beyond the borders of Earth and have focussed upon the wonders of the universe and its limitless possibilities. This band are looking outward, creating an album inspired by the works of Science Fiction iconic writer, Isaac Asimov. They spoke with The Fountain about the new single, the inspiration behind the album and what we can look forward to from them later in the year.

TF: You’ve just had a new single out, what has the reception been like so far? 

Yeah, we’ve just put out our single, Oliver, which is accompanied by an unusual, vintage music video too. The reaction so far has been great – we’re really chuffed with how the video turned out too, so we really just want as much folk as possible to see and enjoy it. The song starts off pretty chilled and builds slowly in this huge finale, so it’s important to get all the way to the end! 

TF: Can you tell us a bit more about Weathervane, it’s SciFi inspired I believe?

Weathervane is the first single we put out for the album, which we put out together with a live version of the song filmed in the Museum of Oriental Art, Chiossone, in Genoa. It’s Sci-Fi inspired yeah, and that’s the same for all the tracks on the record – I’m a big Isaac Asimov fan and the whole album takes inspiration from themes in his books or stuff related to them in some way. Weathervane is a ballad based on one particular invention of Asimov’s called Psychohistory, which permeates many of his books and is, at it’s core, a way of predicting the future based on past events. It’s a song about time, faith, and fate, using the inspiration of Asimov’s idea as a starting point really. 

TF: And this is from a new album Arrows, which is out later in Autumn, can you elaborate on that?  

Yeah, it’s a Sci-Fi concept album, but not perhaps in such an obvious way – it’s based on ideas in Asimov’s work but more as basis for stories and little worlds which gave a backbone to the album. The Sci-Fi vibe of the record was beautifully accentuated by London based Carlotta Cardana’s photography which, coupled with each track, gives a distinct mood to the songs. The album will be coming out in October after the release of a few more singles which will be coupled with live performances and music videos. We want to get people excited about the new material we’re putting out after the wee gap we had between our first album Loan – we really love the new songs and how they turned out.

TF: Now I see you’ve just performed in Glasgow but can we look forward to a more extensive tour later in the year? 

Yes, we’ll be coming back for a pre-launch show in Glasgow on the September 6th with full band and then later in year for a small tour for the album release.

TF: What are the rest of your plans for 2019? 

Well, the next show we’ve got coming up is pretty cool, we’ll be playing on June 7th at the Milan Planetarium under their massive dome of projected stars… can’t wait for that one! Then we’ve got some more promo shows for the singles before the record comes out and then we’ll be looking at doing a few wee tours in Italy, Belgium and Scotland which will bring us up to the end of the year. We really can’t wait to play live and get the songs from the new record out there, it’s the kind of show which has a lot of impact live. It’s gonna be a good year!