Scottish unsigned artist, God Damn The Son, also known as Alistair Quietsch, has been working on new glitch based techno pieces and has just completed a small three-track EP. Alistair spoke with The Fountain about the reception to the EP as well as the possibility of releasing his music as an LP via a label.

TF: You’ve just had a new EP out, what has the reception been like so far? 

Good so far, it’s just been a small DIY effort from myself so it’s nice that it’s had people wanting to help me get it out there for DJ sets and Jim Gellatly was kind enough to play it on his show on Amazing FM so far! When you’re doing it all yourself you need as much help as you can get to get it out there to new audiences!

TF: Can you tell us a bit more about the 7″, what can we expect from it?

As a double bassist in an experimental improvising quartet I was keen to go in the total opposite direction with my studio-work and record some stuff that was regimented to beats and basslines. So EP1 came from playing with melodies, samples and the double bass in the studio.

On the three tracks on EP1 The Third Eye Foundation, Martyn Bennett and Aphex Twin are all big influences, and I was toying with a friends idea of “Cale Mope” as a genre, embracing the dour sensibilities of being Scottish, like with Caledonian Miserablism on the EP I couldn’t help but notice how miserable some Scottish folk music really is!

I was also fully embracing what others have said about my music, always being miserable haha! So I thought “ok, lets make it as dark as I possibly can” and with songs like Afraid of Technology. I was going for this haunting, eerie vibe that felt like a sinister night time walk around Glasgow. It’s a theme I quite enjoy.

TF: And do you have plans to work on a 12″ or LP anytime soon, can we look forward to that?  

Totally! I’ve already got a lot of the tunes recorded and mixed, playing on the same theme’s as above. I’m just waiting to find a label to call home for them. I’ve already been in touch with one label who really loved what they were hearing and I’d love it to be released through them, as they’ve got a great track record, so just sitting tight for just now waiting to see how that pans out.

TF: And will you be promoting this with a tour, can we expect to see you live soon?

My first live show will be 9th July at Bar Bloc in Glasgow supporting MNDMTH, and I’ll have a friend doing live drums with it too. I’ve been working with a video artist, Meray Diner, on the live projections too, which has been exciting, and that’s getting turned into a music video as well that will be released next month.

The folk that run the Glasgow club night NULL/VOID and I have also been talking about getting a date arranged which will be ace!

TF: What inspired you to title your band God Damn The Son?  

The name comes from a play on the Swans song God Damn The Sun. I trained to be an Art Psychotherapist for a while so I like the Freudian connotations of the name and I just picked it to play up on the “miserablism” theme I was going for in the music. But also it’s a reflection on toxic masculinity amongst men and the idea that boys are cursed to enter a culture where they are pressured to be “strong” and “manly” all the time. Maybe the name is just my own public therapy session! Haha!