Inspired by Stephen King’s horror of the same title, the video for Glass PeaksMisery sees the Kent trio team-up with esteemed Grime videographer Danny Lowman to provide a fittingly intense visual element. Glass Peaks, otherwise Jake, Grant and Alfie have not only released their new video but also a new album, which came out last month from new label CloseUp. The band spoke with The Fountain about the video and the influence behind their band name.

TF: A new single release, how exciting, what can we expect from Misery? 

Alf: It’s incredibly exciting! We’re glad you feel the same. Misery paints a picture of craving and desire. It’s a commentary on the toxicity of addiction even in its smaller, more subtle forms. Sonically, it’s an aggressively charged piece with lots of textures, twists and turns. We really wanted to take listeners for a ride on this one. It’s loosely based on the Stephen King novel, Misery – as you can tell, we aptly titled the track. 

Jake: We love Misery and we really appreciate the love we have received for the single so far. 

TF: Glass Peaks, with a new Stephen King inspired track, was the band name influenced at all by David Lynch? 

Alf: Well Grant is a huge Twin Peaks fan, so the David Lynch influence does come into it a bit, yeah! The band name is more of a reminder to cherish the moments that matter most to you in whatever aspect or category of life that happens to fall into i.e: love, your career, your art…because life is like walking on glass, it could all fall through at any time.

Grant: My obsession for all things Lynch defiantly crept in.

Jake: I really wanted the name to have something to do with nature. After going through endless sheets of paper trying to get a name right, Grant and I kind of blended our ideas together and came up with GLASS PEAKS.

TF: The track was released on brand new label, CloseUp, can you tell us anything about them, what they are like to work with etc?

Alf: CloseUp are incredible. They’re truly passionate about the artists they work with. We’ve been working with CloseUp for a long time, almost since our inception. They’ve been booking our shows for a couple of years and recently asked us to release on their new label. We were thrilled when we were asked. It feels very right and logical to be venturing into this new territory with them. They’re an integral part of the Glass Peaks family & team. 

Grant: The mastermind behind it all, Sam Tucker is an absolute don.

Jake: it’s great, we have a very “close up” relationship with the main man Sam Tucker. 

TF: You have some dates in your event calendar coinciding with the release, when can we indulge in seeing you perform live, any dates in Scotland? 

Alf: Sam at CloseUp might tell me off if I tell you where the next run of dates is taking us to… Scotland may well be on the cards…

Jake: we’ve got some very very spicy dates coming up that will be announced soon. We’re buzzing for festival season. 

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date? 

Alf: We’ve played so many amazing shows but the one that always sticks out in my mind was opening up for White Lies in Canterbury, that was awesome. We also played a small show in Portsmouth recently, which was super fun; people were singing the words back to a couple of the songs; it was mad.

Grant: As a band I think playing the Isle of Wight. Sharing the same festival as some of our idols is what dreams are made of.

Jake: Has to be Isle Of Wight Festival, what a weekend. Playing with bands I’ve loved since I was a wee lad. That and actually thinking England were going to win the world cup after watching them win with about 2000 people on the field of dreams. Glorious.