Aberdeen-based two-piece band, Before Stories, have just released a new EP, Drifting Apart Without Drowning, who are very much inspired by bands such as Listener. Jamie and Colin spoke with The Fountain about their celebrity connections and the inspiration behind the title.

TF: You’ve just had a new EP out, what has the reception been like so far? 

Colin: It’s been great, we’ve had some airplay and people we’re not related to or sleeping with have said they like it. 

TF: Can you tell us a bit more about Drifiting Apart Without Drowning, what inspired the title?

Colin: It’s inspired by an installation we saw when we played Coachella by a Finnish visual artist called Illpo Simonenen. He had two fish tanks half filled with water and had kittens wearing rubber rings floating in there, and every few mins he would place them all in the centre of the tanks and let them slowly drift apart while playing recordings of their mothers meows and really quiet volumes. 

We were standing with Damon Albarn and one of The Kings of Leon and we were mesmerised for hours – and then when we were thinking of names for the EP Jamie said “mind when we saw them kittens drifting apart without drowning” and I said “yeah”, and he said “we should have asked Damon or that guy from the Kings of Leon if they had any suggestions for good EP titles” but since we didn’t we went with the kitten thing.

Jamie: It’s mostly the exaggerated generic moaning of an average mid to late 20’s man upset that him and his friends don’t socialise as much as when they were students. 

TF: And will you be looking to release a 12,” is that what you are working towards? 

Colin: This was nearly an album, but we’d already released some of the tunes we were planning to put on it and it’s a bit rubbish to try and charge people twice. 

We could just as easily written a few more songs and released an album, but we like to put music out there more frequently than we write an albums worth of tunes.

TF: And will you be touring to promote this new release? 

Colin: Yes – in August and maybe again towards the end of the year. Follow social media for updates. 

TF: And how did Before Stories meet and come together as a band? 

Colin: We were introduced to each other by Damon Albarn and one of the Kings of Leon at Coachella.

Jamie: A Facebook ad, we gelled on liking similar bands such as Listener, which was the main influence when we began writing our first songs.