Tonic Youth is the most recent single release from lads, wojtek the bear, following on from their well-received LP, a talent for being unreasonable, which was released via Scottish Fiction. With much news surrounding the guys, be it the public vote for their inclusion in Belle & Sebastian’s Boaty Weekender line-up or being featured on the SAY Awards longlist, there is currently plenty happening for the foursome. The took time out of their schedule to speak with The Fountain about the new single, as well as recording in Chem19.

TF: A new single, how exciting, what can we expect from this new track? 

Upbeat melancholy, a tempo that doesn’t reflect the nature of the song.

TF: What inspired you to title it Tonic Youth?

It’s based on Tam’s experience of meeting people you wouldn’t normally meet until you’re a little older and expanding your circle of friends. It’s something we all do and often results in new friendships but you’re always going to come across people who’ve had such a different upbringing and view of life that it’s never going to grow any further than the initial meet. Myself, Tam, Graham and Paul all grew up in small villages and towns and spent our weekends drinking in the park etc.. In my twenties I met a guy who’s name was Torquil, who’s grandfather was a signature on the five pound note or something, he played Rugby and was becoming a lawyer if I remember rightly, we never hit it off. It’s also a *very very* clever play on Sonic Youth. 

TF: And I see you will be promoting it with a whole list of gigs, which are you most looking forward to?  

Yes, we’re heading out on a tour up and down the UK, I think personally I’m looking forward to Manchester, I have family and friends there, and it’s our first time playing there which is always exciting. Also Inverness, as it’s  been really good to us over the past few year’s and it’s a great wee city, like a clean Paisley with a funny accent, and it seems every night is a hen night.

TF: How was it working with Jamie Savage in the renowned Chem19 studios? 

Jamie was great to work with, he’s extremely meticulous and has superhuman ears, he should probably insure them. I’d say for all of us, walking in to Chem 19 was a bit of a moment, it has produced some of the finest music to come out of our great wee country. 

TF: And what else are you working on for the year, another LP? 

We recorded four songs at Chem 19 and plan to release them throughout the year as singles then put them all together for a vinyl release later in the year. It’s available to pre-order from Scottish Fiction right now, click here for details.