Four-piece, indie-pop band based in Glasgow called Rolland Square released their debut EP in April and are due to follow that with a second EP release in the summertime. They recently dropped single, Fall Apart For Fun, from the first EP, which has seen them on ITV’s This Morning. Aside from that they can be seen chatting to The Fountain about their favourite gig as well as the origination of their band name.

TF: A new EP, how exciting, what can we expect from this second one?

(Current EP It Starts Today is already out however new one due to release for summertime.) Our 2nd EP will have slight tonal shift due to our play styles gelling more there are some poppier and some heavier were hoping to have it released in summertime. In our first EP we were still working the kinks out due to lineup changes etc but this one we’ve had more time so everyone in the band has been able to put their own stamp on each song.

TF: And you have recently released a track from the (the first ep), Fall Apart For Fun, what has the reception been like?

It’s been better we had imagined! Managed to wrangle our way to be played on ITV’s This Morning and also a number of radio plays and on Spotify seems to be our best hit, which is great!

TF: And will you be promoting this with a list of exciting tour dates?  

Yeah we have a three dates in June and are aiming to have more throughout the year maybe some festival spots too. “Watch this space” as they say! 

TF: Where has been your favourite gig to date? 

Has to be Bar Bloc, It was a Tuesday night gig and we weren’t really expecting much from it due to it being mid week and also our usual crowd wasn’t there however it was quite an intimate gig and the crowd seemed to really love it and the sound was really on point! As a bonus we were unaware that Small Music Scene were there and they wrote up a cracking review of us which was a nice surprise and were due to play there in June which were all looking forward too!

TF: What inspired the band name, Rolland Square, reminds me of this morning’s breakfast? 

And you would be right in thinking that! It initially came about due to Grant the Lead Guitarist working away in Korea and texting the band chat saying he was hungover to which Stephen the drummer replied you should see if anywhere does a Roll and Square out there! Not only that I think in Scotland its one those things that makes you appreciate home too.