Quotes of the Dead are an upbeat post-punk/alt rock band firing out of Glasgow. With dark lyrics and a hybrid of genres, it’s nice to see them drop their debut track, Be Somebody. Lauren, Brian, James and Jonny who make up QOTD spoke to The Fountain about their debut single and some gig dates they have lined up.

TF: You’ve a new single out, what can we expect from that?

Lauren Wade (LW, singer): I feel this song is our introduction into the world. It captures the flavour of our sound. All of our songs have unique hooks and satirical lyrics so we want Be Somebody to show off the foundations of who we are as a band and what we have to say. 

TF: What inspired you to title it Be Somebody?

LW: Be somebody itself to me is about the hypocrisies in life. Whether it’s from how we date to who we trust to lead us. So you need to “Be Somebody” who isn’t afraid to be something different and do things differently.

Brian Blackwood (BB, guitar): Be Somebody to me is really about the anxieties of modern life. Whether from social media addiction or economic pressure, there is always this constant reminder to be something, to be anything, to “Be Somebody”. 

TF: And will you be promoting it with a list of touring dates?

James Storey (JS, drums): We don’t have a tour necessarily but we are doing a lot of gigs and will be promoting our single through that. 

Jonny Fairlie (JF, bass guitar): Our next show is 8th June in The Wee Red Bar (Edinburgh) with Voicex. Our next Glasgow show being on 27th June in Nice n Sleazys. 

BB: We will have more gigs to announce soon as well. 

TF: Where has been your favourite gig to date?

LW: My highlight gig was our last show supporting Ezra Miller’s band Sons of an Illustrious Father at King Tuts on 20th May. The crowd was amazing and we had a lot of fun on stage. Plus James got to join us up front for once, which was pretty cool. 

BB: I was rolling around the floor, swinging around my guitar and met Ezra so yeah that probably tops it. 

TF: And how did all QOTD meet? 

LW: James and I have been together for nearly seven years. He met Brian through his previous band, which I then joined for a little while (Brian: She sort of muscled her way in). When that fell apart myself, Brian and James created QOTD. We then got Jonny about a year later after an arduous task of recruiting a full-time bassist.