Edinburgh-based Noah Brown has just released new and debut album, Medicated Masquerade. With a title inspired by MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular and Gerry Cinnamon’s Erratic Cinematic, Noah’s Medicated Masquerade inspired this chat, Noah speaks with The Fountain about the record, as well as the Edinburgh music scene.

TF: You have a new and debut album release, what has the reception been like so far? 

Thus far it has been quite positive. I think it surprised a lot of people because they never thought I would actually get round to putting anything out – recording is the easy part but it is always trying to find the line at which to stop. With Medicated Masquerade I thought a bare and simple approach would be best.

TF: And you have titled it Medicated Masquerade, what is the story behind the title?

It does not really mean anything in particular. I think I had recalled Gerry Cinnamon’s Erratic Cinematic and maybe MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular and thought something similar would be interesting. I suppose Medicated Masquerade can mean whatever you want it to mean but I think it might prove to be more memorable than something simpler. 

TF: And you’re based in Edinburgh, how do you find the Edinburgh music community, are they supportive?

I would be lying if I said I was familiar with the whole of the Edinburgh music community but it generally depends on where you play and who for. Some people want to pass you through the mill and are only interested in how many tickets you can sell. Others will give you all the time in the world even it if means playing to an empty room. There are plenty of opportunities to have your music heard in Edinburgh: largely it depend son how persistent you are.

TF: Where has been your favourite gig to date?

It was probably my most recent when supporting Megan Lawrenson at the Wee Red Bar. I do not know if it was the location or something else but I felt in myself that I had managed to play with a level of energy that sometimes requires a great deal of effort to produce. I do, however, always enjoy my monthly visit to the Mad Jammers based at the Augustine United Church on George IV Bridge.  

TF: And Noah, what are your plans for the rest of the year, more writing, recording, gigging?

I will never stop writing, recording, and gigging. I enjoy it all too much to stop. I intend to release a trio of EPs over the next month or so which will contain old songs already written before I start my next album venture of all new material. I have upcoming dates in May already, the 11th and 14th, but there will be many more to come.

Noah is performing at Mad Jammers in the Augustine United Church, Edinburgh, on 11th May, and Bannermans, Edinburgh on 14th May, 2019