Havvk recently dropped new track, The Factory, via Veta Records. The fourth release from their upcoming debut album, Cause & Effect, which comes out later in the year, is about moving on from a relationship before it gets destructive. Lead singer, Julie Hawk spoke with The Fountain about promoting safe spaces for musician as well as their upcoming gigs in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

TF: You are performing in Glasgow and Edinburgh very soon, what can we expect from those gigs? 

We’re just having the last few practises now before we hit the road, and it’s gotten us really excited to get in front of a crowd. As part of the set, we’ll be playing the whole first half of the album, which comes out whilst we’re on tour. The whole tour is about celebrating female and non-binary artists so we’re also working on a cheeky cover by legendary pop queen. 

TF: You’ve titled it The Drawn Together Tour, what inspired that title?

The title actually comes from a portrait project I did on Instagram where I drew different female and non-binary musicians who have inspired me. The live project is an extension of that. We want this tour to be a way of promoting safe spaces for musicians and of connecting female and non-binary artists across different scenes. 

TF: And have you performed in these cities before, what do you make of the crowds?

Our only Scottish gig to date was at Brew in the Bog in Inverness, which was absolutely brilliant. We had a drink singalong with the Van T’s – so the bar is pretty high! We’ve never done any venue shows in Edinburgh or Glasgow but we have been hearing such good things about the music scenes up there. 

TF: Where has been your favourite gig to date? 

Favourite gig to date was our first gig in Berlin at this old punk venue, Schokoladen. We were brand new in the city and kind of expected nobody to come. In the end our mates couldn’t get through the door to get in. It was the most positive introduction to a new scene and was so cool to see how Berlin crowds are happy to take a punt on totally new music.

TF: And what are your plans for the year, a new EP or LP on the cards? 

This year we’re releasing our debut album, Cause & Effect in two halves. Part 1 is out on the 17th of May, but there’ll be limited run of CDs available in advance on our tour dates.

HAVVK are performing at Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, on 8th May and Broadcast, Glasgow, on 9th May 2019.