Since seeing her perform at the Coconut Festival in the south of France, Autumn last year, I’ve been following the releases of the divine Halo Maud, and her stunning record, Je Suis Une île. Andy Votel of Finders Keepers Records has produced a fantastic remix of the final track on the album, Des Bras, which she speaks about with The Fountain, that and what more to expect in 2019.

TF: A new remix, how exciting, what has the reception been like so far? 

Yes, especially because it is the first time ever I have a song remixed.  We had great support from independent record shops, which makes sense for that kind of product. This is so good to see how much these people are curious and excited about new music coming. I find it really pure, pure passion.

TF: This track is titled Des Bras, which translates in English to Of the Arms, can you elaborate on what this song is about?

Actually you can translate it to Arms only. I could have called this song, Your Arms, this is what I sing, but I wanted it to be more impersonal, for me to be untied from the person I’m talking of in the song, as if it was anyone’s arms, because it is clearly a break-up song.

TF: What was it like to work with Andy Votel for this remix?  

This collaboration had been suggested by my record label Heavenly Recordings. They felt that it could be a good match and I guess they were right. Andy Votel is famous for his work of course, and for being a rarities spotter/hunter and a collector, so it is a real honor he loved the track and wanted to do his own version, especially as he did quite a work around the singing. I do so much love the beat and the chords arrangements. 

TF: This is a track previously released from your debut album, which came out last year, can we look forward to more remix releases in 2019 or another record? 

There are a few more exciting remixes and covers to come yes, I can’t wait to share them. I have been lucky enough to get reworks by some of my favourite musicians.

TF: I sadly missed your show in Glasgow last year, will we have the pleasure of seeing you perform here in Scotland in the near future? 

It depends on what you mean by the word “near” ha! Anyway we played twice or more in Scotland and it is always quite special, so I will sure come back one day or another.