Championed by the likes of Jonathan Donahue of Mercury Rev and Goatman from Goat, Gioele Valenti is set to release Maps & Territory, the new album of Juju, out on 29th May via Fuzz Club Records. Gioele took some time out of his busy schedule to speak with The Fountain about the new release as well as working with the likes of Goatman.

TF: You have a new album release, what can we expect from this album? 

JuJu at its top, I guess. More meditative than the past, in a way, and even if the usual mood of the band gets more and more psych, the inner vision of a multicultural pop is emerging much stronger day by day.

TF: And are you going to be promoting this one with a tour?

Yes, we have some gigs in the UK in June (Leicester at The SoundHouse; London at The Waiting Room). We also are currently working towards a North Europe tour for next November.

TF: And have you performed in Scotland, what do you make of the crowds? 

I played in Scotland two times, each time supporting GOAT (I was with two different bands), and it was fantastic. I love Scotland in general, and people are very gentle and “warm”. It was great.

TF: Where has been your favourite gig to date?

Difficult, as every gig has great moments, or bad moments (anyway, everytime it’s a great experience and a personal enrichment), but if I had to choose I would say last edition of Fuzz Club Eindhoven. The band was acclaimed and we got the maximum from the crowd.

TF: And how was it to work with Goatman?

It was fun. He’s a very talented and smart guy.