Bedfordshire-based AKIVA have just released new track, Broken Ship, which is a reaction to the current state of affairs, frustrating and disaffecting times. The band spoke with The Fountain about the inspiration behind the track in more detail as well as working with music video director, Wayne McCauslin, on the video.

TF: You’ve a new video out, what can we expect from that? 

We wanted this one to be something that provokes a strong reaction. We live in troubled times and our new single, Broken Ship is a reflection of that. It’s a cry of discontent . A loud, frustrated yell of dissatisfaction with the way things are. I think the video captures that feel too. Hopefully it will provoke people to think about why it is that we’ve got so many angry and disillusioned people at the moment and, more importantly, what they can do to try to make things better. 

TF: What inspired you to title it Broken Ship?

It’s a reflection of what’s happening to dear old Blighty. The ship’s got some serious problems and if we don’t start fixing them soon it’s in danger of sinking! The old stories don’t seem to work anymore. People have lost faith. We need positive people with new ideas at the top to start creating a more inspiring picture of how we can make people feel included again and bring them back together. Then maybe everyone will start getting along a bit better!

TF: And will you be promoting it with a list of touring dates?  

We haven’t got any dates booked in at the moment but we’re hoping to get out later in the year.

TF: Where has been your favourite gig to date? 

Our festival slot at Pennfest last summer would have to be the highlight so far. We had a late afternoon main-stage slot in the sunshine, just before a few bands we’re big fans of. We’ve made quite a few music videos and like to play with a full visual set-up whenever we can. There was this massive video wall behind us, which must have been about twenty-five feet high. We plugged into it and pumped out our set with huge cinematic versions of our visuals behind us. The crowd loved it. We fed off them and got better and better as the set went on. The reception at the end was a real buzz. 

TF: What has it been like working with Wayne McCauslin on the video? 

Brilliant! Wayne is a top guy and a fantastically talented animator and video director. No-one else we’ve worked with comes close. He completely gets our sound and has an amazing ability to create something visual that complements our message and takes it to another level. This is our third video together. We don’t even need to say much now. We just give him the track and he always seems to come up with something that fits perfectly. The crazy thing is, we’ve never actually met face to face despite having worked together for three years. He’s in Berlin and we’re in London so we do everything via email. I think it’s about time we booked a flight out to Germany and had a few beers together.