Although Tally Spear released her debut EP, Fade To White, in the spring of 2018, she knew that something didn’t feel quite right to her. Having attracted nearly 200,000 streams for her single Days Like These, alongside enjoying performances at some notable festivals including Black Deer and VegFest, she decided to take some time out and give her creativity room to breathe. She is now back with new single City Girl, and spoke to The Fountain about the new track and what it’s like to be working with Martin Hollis.

TF: You have a new single out, what has the reception been so far?

It’s only been out a few days right now, but the reception has been all I hoped for. I’m just excited to keep sharing more of what I’ve been working on!

TF: Can you tell us more about City Girl, why did you opt for this title?

City Girl is a essentially a story about detachment, and finding it hard to commit… but for me it represented how many people feel living in a busy city in the modern age. We’re more connected to others than ever before, yet many of us are more detached… Being surrounded by the hustle and bustle of everyone else’s lives can make us feel isolated and lonely in ours, and I think this is an issue that isn’t voiced much… 

TF: And what are your plans for the rest of the year, an EP or an LP? 

Now that would be telling!! More music is coming your way for sure.

TF: And are you going to be promoting this single with a tour, can we expect to see you perform in Scotland soon?

As soon as the demand is there, I will be packing my bag as quick as you can say TOUR! But for now, most of my shows are London based. I’m coming to Nottingham in August though!

TF: What has it been like to be working with Martin Hollis?

Martin has been incredible. He opened my mind to a new style of production and a new process of recording. He literally received a little voice memo of me playing City Girl on my acoustic guitar, and he just believed in the song and where we could take it. I’m looking forward to making more records together.