Let It Be: A Celebration Of The Music Of The Beatles has returned to the stage this year with a series of new tour dates announced in a year that marks key anniversaries in Beatles history. The acclaimed theatrical concert features an all-new Let It Be Part II reunion concert, and is now returning for a new UK tour, which includes Aberdeen, Inverness and Glasgow. Richard Jordan, who plays John Lennon in the show, spoke with The Fountain about the show and his Scottish roots.

TF: You kicked off Let it Be last night (Tuesday) in Portsmouth, it must be exciting to be in this production?

It is yeah. It is a privilege. It’s amazing to be part of it. I have been involved in the Beatles show for quite a few years now, which is one of the bigger shows surrounding The Beatles so it is a privilege.

TF: And you perform as John, how have you found playing such an iconic figure?

There was a lot of prep. There are so many big John Lennon fans out there who know hell of a lot about him, how he sounds, how he walks, but I am a fan myself, which is why I do this. To portray someone that I admire myself is great, it’s a dream. To recreate the stuff that John did, yeah, I am really pleased to be doing it.

TF: You are in Inverness, Aberdeen and Glasgow as far as Scotland’s concerned, is there one city you are more looking forward to playing?

I don’t know because the theatres we are performing in are all kind of new ones to me. Eden Court in Inverness and the SEC Armadillo in Glasgow as well as His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen, these are three brand new venues for me to perform in so I am looking forward to them all to be honest for different reasons. We are not as long in Glasgow as we are the others so that might make it a bit more special, they might sell more tickets as there are only two evenings.

TF: You have family in Glasgow I hear, what are your roots here?

My grandad was from Glasgow, I am actually from a little town called Redcar on the North East coast of England but my grandad was from the Gorbals in Glasgow. He has sadly departed now but he moved to Redcar when he was in his twenties, where he met my nana. And they stayed there ever since, he got a job in the local area (he was a boilermaker) and he stayed in Teeside, which is where I am from. He was one of nine children, as were a lot of people back then I suppose, so I do have a lot of family in Glasgow.

TF: What are you working on after this, busy no doubt?

Aye myself, my full time job if you like, I play the role of Keith Richards in a Rolling Stones tribute band, something a bit different. But I play in some Beatles groups on a death basis, which is what they call it when you lend a hand to other groups who might be looking for a John Lennon for the evening or something. I have played on Beatles cruises, on cruise ships and I’ve been in Beatles bands before where we’ve toured abroad, most of Europe and I have been to New Zealand twice with Beatles groups. I have been really lucky, to play the music that you love and to travel the world doing it, doing your hobby as a job, it’s a lucky position to be in I think.

Let It Be will be running at Eden Court, Inverness from 29th April until 4th May, Glasgow’s SEC Centre, 10th and 11th May and His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen from 13th until 18th May 2019.