Tri Angle Records Vessel has collaborated with violinist Rakhi Singh to create a new thirty-minute movement of music, Written in Fire. The pair are performing Glasgow’s Royal Conservatoire on 8th May 2019 and the second track from the record Written in Fire (Excerpt 2) is streaming online now. They took a moment out of their busy schedule to discuss the collaborative project and performing in Glasgow.

TF: You are performing in Glasgow’s Royal Conservatoire with Vessel, how exciting? 

Vessel: I’m more excited to be performing with Rakhi, to be honest. 

TF: What inspired this collaborative project, Written in Fire, which will be performed live later in May?

Vessel: Rakhi and I had known we wanted to create something together for a long time, we were just waiting for the right idea. The inspiration itself came from a strong cocktail, returning from a slightly stressful family holiday. 

Rakhi Singh: The project is based around a piece for string quartet that we both love and that inspired us both in many different ways, Intimate Letters by Czech composer Leos Janacek

TF: And what are your plans for the year, can we expect more collaborative works such as this?  

Vessel: We are currently writing a new collaborative piece, broadly based on Paradise Lost. And the poems of Sylvia Plath. And Brexit?… Nah. 

Rakhi: You can definitely expect more collaborations, this feels like the beginning of our musical explorations together.

Vessel: This was commissioned by Manchester Collective, of which Rakhi is the musical director. Slightly nepotistic…

Rakhi: Haha, it wasn’t my idea, promise! 

TF: Have you performed in Glasgow before, how do you find the crowd? 

Rakhi: I have yes, played often with the amazing Scottish Ensemble and have always had a warm reception although I’m sure it’s a different crowd to that of Vessel’s. 

TF: Have you any personal plans for whilst you are here? 

Vessel: Drink a load of Bucky and get philosophical over a curry.

Rakhi: Walk the hangover off in the hills nearby.