With new single, The Games Room, released and shows on the horizon, Michael Timmons seems set to shake things on the Scottish music scene. The Fountain caught up with Michael to talk about the new track as well as his plans for the remainder of 2019.

TF: You have a new single out, what has the reception been so far? 

The reaction has been really nice, it’s quite a personal song so it’s been nice hearing from people about how it’s connected with them and their own similar experiences of grief. So it’s been great knowing that it’s connected with some people. People have been really kind. 

TF: Can you tell us more about The Games Room, why did you opt for this title?

Well in my family home we had a tiny wee room /livingroom growing up where we spent lots of time as a family, have three brothers and three sisters!. Cussing chaos and it was kind of jokingly called the games room. So growing up and everyone moving away and living elsewhere, we spend less time together, but then with the circumstances we found ourselves all coming home to spend time again in that same room. So thats where it comes from and I guess offers a bit of a juxtaposition. In kind of how I’ve dealt with grief. On the outside it can look fine, and happy and positive but inside can be totally different feeling. 

TF: And what are your plans for the rest of the year, an EP or an LP?  

Yes I’m currently working on the second album, finishing writing and preparing for recording. Really excited to share new music. I was eager to get something out sooner but after the tour in November with The Twilight Sad so suddenly we had a lot of new listeners to my first record so have slowed down a little and it’s been really nice having some new listeners. 

TF: And you are performing soon in King Tuts, quite an iconic venue, you must be excited

Yes I can’t wait for it. I’ve played in King Tut’s so many times over the years, some of my first shows, supporting and opening for so many different acts. So it feels like a real step forward having my own show there in a venue that’s really helped shape me as a musician. Hopefully more than two people turn up to see! 

TF: I recently saw you perform in Paisley supporting Kathryn Joseph, how did that great gig come about? 

Yes and thanks for your nice words about my set. I really love Kathryn’s music so I felt lucky to get to play that show. I had the chance to support Out Lines on a few shows early last year, so I got to know Kathryn a little, which was lovely. Then the SAMAs asked me to play that night supporting, and it was such a nice night of music.  I’ve never been involved in things like that (SAMAs) before so it’s very nice to be considered for stuff like that now.