Matt Regan, otherwise known as Little King, is one of the two musicians that has been included in Summerhall‘s Associate Scheme this year, with the other being Harry Harris. With this exciting opportunity for Matt, The Fountain had a chat with Little King about this offer, as well as performing at their youthful festival Southern Exposure, which sees the likes of Pictish Trail and Meursault performing.

TF: You are included in Summerhall’s Associate Scheme this year you must be stoked? 

Yeah, definitely. Having Summerhall give my music an endorsement helps a lot!

TF: What exactly comes with that, can you elaborate on what this means?

I’ve been offered thirty hours rehearsal time, and a dedicated showcase of the album in December.

TF: And it comes with a performance, for this you will be performing at Southern Exposure this year, it’s quite a line up?  

Yeah I’m glad to be kicking things off. At this stage me and the band members are just really eager to share the material. We had a little preview of it in the bar at the Tron Theatre and it felt really special.

TF: You have been working in musical theatre recently, do you have to massively adjust for a project such as this ? 

Well, I wanted this album to be more of a conventional one, rather than the genre spanner that was my first one. My first album was performed like a theatre show, but I still spent a year writing and scoring the music, and still regard it as an album. So in one way I was approaching this differently. But in another I still use everything at my disposal to most vividly convey my ideas. This means the album still includes poetry and instrumental music and theatrical framings and ideas..

TF: What more can we look forward to from Little King? 

A demo single from the album will be released soon, with a crowd funding page to help us get the album recorded. I hope to have the album ready for Southern exposure. Here’s a link to my first album in the mean time.

Southern Exposure is in Edinburgh’s Summerhall over two days, 21st and 22nd June 2019.