Singer/songwriter, Katherine Aly, is set to release her debut single The Skin I’m Made Of in May via Infinite Hive Music. Originally from Greece, Katherine has been involved with many musical projects in Scotland’s capital, including Hidden Door Festival, various art projects and the lead singer of shoegaze band, Lilac Melt. With this release she spoke with The Fountain about the new single and her gig in the Mash House, Edinburgh, in May.

TF: So, you are performing in Edinburgh very soon, how exciting? 

So psyched about this! The Mash House is one of my favourite venues in the city and I can’t wait to launch my new single there on the 17th of May! We’ve been working hard to make this a very special show and I’m very happy for having Rob Harrison and Bruce Wallace performing with me that night on keys and guitar respectively. Heir of the Cursed and Khalid Al Khajah will open the show and I honestly could not have asked for more suitable artists to play with me at the launch party!

TF: Have you performed in Edinburgh before, how do you find the crowd?

I have indeed and I always find people very engaged during the show, really making the best out of it. It’s probably because the Edinburgh music scene has been undermined for years and only very recently you see it flourishing again with incredibly buzzing music events like Hidden Door Festival or Southern Exposure at Summerhall and thankfully the list goes on. People crave music in Edinburgh and this is reflected in a very positive way nowadays!

TF: And what are your plans whilst you are here, climb Arthur’s Seat, the Edinburgh Dungeon? 

I’ve been an Edinburgh based artist for nearly four years now so… check and check! I still love going out and about to explore the city and thankfully there are various events in different venues to go and enjoy the versatile character of Edinburgh whenever I feel like doing so.

TF: Where has been your favourite gig to date?

I saw Nils Frahm at Paradiso in Amsterdam just over a year ago and it was a very overwhelming experience… he’s such an inspiring musician and his show is absolutely brilliant, very emotional and dynamic at the same time! 

TF: What has it been like to be working with Flow State Music?

It’s so important to have people that believe in you and your music and deliver their part in your career in an efficient manner; that’s what Flow State Music has been for me. They do their best to open door after door for me while also securing my rights as a performer. Super pleased with our collaboration!

Katherine Aly performs at The Mash House on 17th May 2019.