On 10th May Wisconsin-based Juiceboxxx is set to release a brand new single Coinstar Song via Dangerbird Records. Produced by Juiceboxxx and Joel Hamilton (who has worked with everyone from Black Keys to Cam’Ron to Iggy Pop), the track is taken from his forthcoming new album and is about using a machine that converts your desperate left-over coin collection into cold hard cash, all in the name of “trying to get by.” Juiceboxxx spoke with The Fountain about the new single and working with Dangerbird records.

TF: A new single, how exciting, what has the reception been like so far? 

People seem to be really psyched. I tried to write an anthem for everyone out there taking it one day at a time. A new kind of anthem for a new confusing era.

TF: What inspired you to title it Coinstar Song?

The Coinstar is a machine found at American supermarkets that converts your change into cash. I use them a lot because I am often broke. I wanted to write something about my weird life that people can relate to and also makes them want to jump up and down and go crazy.

TF: And you are also appearing at the Great Escape Festival this year, you must be stoked?  

It’s always a blast to get back to the UK. I love it there. Ever since I got a double disc collection of 2 Tone ska from the Columbia House Music Group at the age of 12, British music and culture has loomed large for me. Also: I hope to eat at Nandos.

TF: Where has been your favourite gig to date? 

There are so many but I gotta say there is something special about the energy of my shows when I tour Japan. Being able to rage with Japanese freakout legends like GUITAR WOLF and KING BROTHERS means the world to me. I hope to be back soon.

TF: What has it been like to be working with Dangerbird Records? 

Collaborating with Dangerbird has been really great. They understand my wild vision and are ready to help me take it to the next, next, next level. Ultimately, music is a tool for connection. I’m excited to continue to make and perform it.