London born artist Joell Fender has collaborated with producer Elevns to produce new track, Lately, which has recently been released. The song speaks on feelings of desire finally being reciprocated and the anticipation of what comes next. Joell spoke with The Fountain about the track and working with Elevns on this one.

TF: A new single, how exciting, what can we expect? 

Yes, a very exciting moment for me. This is my first ever release and it honestly feels so incredible to finally have something out. There’s definitely more material to come and by the end of the year I’m hoping to perform my own headline show, stay tuned. 

TF:What inspired you to title it Lately, what is the premise?

Well the song’s about someone you’ve liked for a while finally beginning to reciprocate those feelings. “Lately you’ve been showing me love” I’m sure we’ve all been there. And apart from me singing it like a thousand times in the chorus, calling it Lately was the best way to describe the narrative. 

TF: And will you be promoting this with a list of exciting tour dates?  

So I’m currently on a world tour with Years & Years, I’m having the time of my life! However, it means I’ve only had a chance to promote Lately online. I’m a performer at heart though so my team and I are definitely working on a live show where I can perform Lately and all my other songs, old & new live

TF: Where has been your favourite gig to date? 

Well, I’ve performed so much with other artists. The last few years have been so amazing performing in some of the most known venues and events in the world. However, there’s nothing like performing your own material you’ve written. I had a show last year ‘a night with a Joell Fender’ it was such a defining moment for me as an artist. To know people had come to watch and get lost in my world with me was truly the best! 

TF: How has it been working with producers Elevns on this one? 

Incredible! It was such an amazing collaboration that just flowed perfectly. I have the upmost respect for them, they are perfectionists like me so I knew from our very first session the end result would be super!