Adam Stafford, after the acclaimed success of Fire Behind The Curtain, has gone on to write and record a heavily synth-focused LP on fruit-salad cassette, titled The Acid Bothy. Limited to fifty copies, this is a unique release, and Adam spoke with The Fountain about the Bothy and the distribution decision.

TF: A new album, now not quite as accessible as Fire Behind The Curtain but that’s no bad thing, I particularly enjoyed the Harry Secombe Rave, but what has the reception been like so far? 

Fire was such a protracted process – taking eight years to write and about a year of planning to put into production, so I wanted to do something quick and immediate, hence the lo-fi production. I improvised and recorded it live onto a mono cassette tape. The reception so far has flitted between cautious politeness and general indifference. But it’s not about that, it’s primarily an avenue to experiment with a new instrument and treat the release as a pallet cleanser before the next big project. 

TF: This album is titled The Acid Bothy and it is available on cassette, can you elaborate on what made you opt for this means of distribution?

There’s a long story behind it, but in short, my mental health suffered again at the end of last year and I wanted to abandon making music again. I go through these regular  phases where I start to think everything and everyone associated with the music industry is a sham. A friend of mine, Jim Clark of The Vinyl Villain blog offered to put money into a music project of my choosing and that happened to be an improv synth album. Since it was recorded onto cassette it seemed fitting to release it on that medium. 

TF: I see you are promoting it with a couple of gigs in Glasgow and Edinburgh, what can we expect from these?  

I’m going to perform an improvised Synthy set and then a more guitar focused set where I will try out some new compositions along with some old. Shards and Errant Boy are opening at The Leith Depot and Coping Mechanisms, the new project from Phil and Josh from PAWS, are opening at The Hug and Pint. 

TF: What is your own personal favourite track from the new album? 

I like all of it, the album kind of merges into one continuous piece for me. But my favourite is Small Town Living Mate. My friend left an answerphone message ranting about his love of Easy Listening LPs that he picks up from the charity shop and how it will all be over when the hipsters co-opt them. Makes me laugh every time I listen to it.

TF: And this Acid Bothy, where do you see this sitting in the vast land north of the border, somewhere in Argyll & Bute perhaps? 

Its position is in an ever shifting landscape dictated by the secret order of the Children of Väämenshah