Super Inuit, also known as Brian Pokora and Fern Morris, have released new single Tectonic, and have a couple of shows coming up, including summer festival gigs at Doune The Rabbit Hole and Flying Moon. Brian and Fern spoke with The Fountain about the formation of the band’s name and their plans for the year.

TF: A new single release, how exciting, what can we expect from Tectonic?    

We’re so happy Tectonic is out, we’ve been sitting on it for a while so we’re excited you can finally hear it. We worked with Mario Cruzado on the video and it looks amazing so we’re glad everyone will get to see that too. 

TF: I am sure you get asked this all the time but being called Super Inuit, is there a Canadian connection?

Not directly. When Brian’s old band Trapped Mice was winding up he started looking for a new project and started playing electronic stuff on his own and had to come up with a name pretty quickly. He just went with Super Inuit – his internet handle – which itself came from the opener on Canadian band Holy Fuck’s incredible debut LP.

TF: You were recently supporting Haiku Salut in Glasgow, how do you find performing out of your home turf in Edinburgh? 

Haiku Salut were amazing and really lovely so it was a really good night. We’ve always had a really nice time playing in Glasgow, the Glad Cafe has been a particular highlight, great food and everyone’s so lovely. We’re looking forward to playing a little further afield this year. Last year we performed in Inverness, a gruelling nine hours driving on the hottest day of the year, balancing that out with local shows at places like Sneaky’s and Leith Depot works for us.

TF: You have some dates in your event calendar coinciding with the release, when can we indulge in seeing you perform live? 

Our next show is March 15th at Leith Depot with Holy Now and Golden Arm. We’ve got a few festivals coming up including Doune The Rabbit Hole and Flying Moon over the summer plus a few shows in Edinburgh at Safari Lounge and Henry’s Cellar Bar.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date? 

Not sure we have a favourite but Electric Fields was cool – we started playing to an almost empty tent but it soon filled up and it was a really nice crowd and atmosphere. We’ve done shows supporting Colin Stetson and Tim Hecker at Summerhall, which is always a great place to play and our show at Supper Club last summer was also a lot of fun, there’s just something about playing in a tiny sweatbox!L

Super Inuit are playing on 15th March at Leith Depot, 14th June at Safari Lounge, both Edinburgh, 15th June at Flying Moon, Glasgow and 20th July at Doune The Rabbit Hole. Catch them live soon.