Rozi Plain has a brand new album out in April, 5th of April to be exact, this time on Memphis Industries. What A Boost features some of the talents of Kate Stables, Jamie Whitby Coles, and Neil Smith from This Is The Kit, but also Gerard Black, Amaury Ranger and Rachel Horwood, a band formation, which is clearly working. Swing Shut has just been released from the album, which you can hear on all good radio stations presently, and she is also performing some shows in April and May, including Glasgow’s Blue Arrow on 3rd May. Rozi took some time out of her schedule to speak with The Fountain about the new sound, and her connection to Scotland.

TF: You have a new album out this time via Memphis Industries, What A Boost, you must be pretty stoked?

Well, yes, it’s exciting, working with a whole new bunch of people who know stuff and do stuff in different ways, yeah, it’s exciting.

TF: And after touring and performing with This Is The Kit for the last wee while, it must be nice to be focusing on your own music, but not only that, are they not involved in this album as well?

Yes, well Jamie who drums for This Is The Kit, also drums with me. And Neil who plays guitar in the band, played quite a bit on the album. Kate was doing some singing so it was a similar gang, but also there are different people as well. But, yeah it’s nice.

TF: And it’s a great album, I’ve listened to it a few times now, and it’s such a lovely compilation of songs, I am looking forward to everyone’s response to the new album, and it was wonderful to hear some of those tracks live as part of the Celtic Connections but it’s very different to your sound with Friends and also Joined, Sometimes Unjoined. But I cannot pinpoint what it is that makes it sound so different. Is it the band formation, the change in band members?

I don’t know what makes it different, I guess things just kind of evolve, it’s weird what makes stuff different but you are going to be focusing on different things, I feel. You sort of work out what stuff you like and are interested in, that was there before but different stuff is what you are now focusing on. It’s a bit more repetitive stuff I think but almost like little loops or something. When I was writing the songs, I like playing with the same thing over and over again but it changes slightly.

TF: And I see you are going to be performing at Glasgow’s Blue Arrow, which is a lovely jazz venue, how do you find generally the Glasgow crowd, you have played here a few times?

It’s just really fun. I guess we know quite a few people in Glasgow so it feels nice to see lots of pals and I guess because of the history and belief in stuff with Lost Map there is just feels like there’s a connection with Scotland, and Edinburgh and Glasgow. It’s just exciting, I don’t know why I live in Glasgow really sometimes but I don’t, that’s why.

TF: When the album comes out in April what would be a boost for you with the release?

I hope some people buy it, hope some people come to the shows, hope some people like it. I hope some people come to the shows, and that they buy it, that would be great.