Junaco is the formation of Shahana Jaffer and Joey LaRosa. Born in the unincorporated mountain town on the outskirts coastal Northern California, the duo found an environmental escape from musical conventions. They have just released a new single, Willow, and spoke with The Fountain about the new single as well as working with Omar Yakar.

TF: A new single, how exciting, what has the reception been like so far? 

It’s been great! It feels amazing to have this song out, and even more so to find that people are enjoying it. 

TF: What inspired you to title it Willow?

We wrote this song while we were writing in a town called Aptos in Northern California, it’s a beautiful place near the ocean and it’s surrounded by huge redwood trees. All the songs written on that trip were very inspired by nature – by the serenity of it, by the curiosity of it. We never thought too much about the title, but looking back now it makes sense. 

TF: And will you be promoting this with a list of exciting tour dates?  

We have been putting a lot of energy into recording lately, and have some local shows in the works. We would love to be touring within the next year, but right now we are focusing on putting the finishing touches on our record. 

TF: Where has been your favourite gig to date? 

Last year we opened for our good friends Joshua & The Holy Rollers in LA. It’s always fun to play, but even more so when it’s with your friends. It just felt like a huge party. 

TF: What was it like to be working with Omar Yakar? 

Omar is a great friend first and working with him is such a treat. He is a fantastic engineer and producer, and he’s great at executing a vision.