Hand of Fate have recently released their debut album, Messengers of Hope, an epic rock/metal culmination. They therefore spoke to The Fountain about the new album, its interesting title and how they came to be Hand of Fate.

TF: A new album release, how exciting, what can we expect from Messengers of Hope?

Messengers of Hope is a dream that came true for us, after a long time of delays for several reasons. We were trying to make our own music, and we finally made it. It’s an album full of melodies and heavy riffs. Nowadays, many people have lost the way, even their self-respect, and are unable to fulfill their goals. Our songs aim to remind people they can still have hope in order to start thinking positive again and find their own way to accomplish their beliefs. Most of the songs were composed by John Hatzidimos. Most lyrics were written by Alexandra Anagnostopoulou, who had to leave the band a year ago and was replaced by Elena Bella.

TF: I am sure you get asked this all the time but being called Hand of Fate, what sort of fate do you deal out?

There is an interesting story behind our name. John and Tassoss were playing in a rock band that had been disbanded some time ago. So, they begun the formation of a new band to play the kind of music they preferred most and to create their own material. Together with Alexandra, they started searching for a drummer and they put an ad in music forums. Oddly, it was answered by Nick Benevas, who was asking if we needed a bassist. Meanwhile, John and Alexandra while on Tarja Turunen’s gig in our hometown of Thessaloniki, upon returning home, stumbled into a guy who was looking for a hike downtown. Whilst discussing the gig, he told them about a song Tarja performed that night, which was the first he played on drums!!! As a result, fate lead Dimitris Kounatiadis to us and he became our first drummer. As you can see, the formation of the original lineup of the band was due to the “Hand of Fate”.  

TF: Will you be working on an EP or LP this year, what more can we expect from Hand of Fate?

There are a lot of ideas about new material, we are thirsty for more music and we will try to work on it intensively. Messengers of Hope is just the beginning of the music that we want to share with you. So who knows? Maybe this year you will hear something new from us.

TF:  Are you promoting this album with a tour, when can we indulge in seeing you perform live?

We want to perform our music live as much as we can. Recently, a week ago we took part in a gig in Thessaloniki, Greece and we are going to play on the 5th of April in Volos, Greece. We are willing to enrich our schedule for the summer this year, but for now, we are just planning the performances of the next two months.

TF: What has been your favourite gig to date?

It was the gig in Athens, on May 2018. It was the finals of a metal bands competition. The audience was passionate and we received their enthusiasm. We expressed ourselves and played our music while people seemed to completely connect with the whole band. Unfortunately, we didn’t win the battle of the bands at that time. However, that day left a sweet taste, thanks to the audience. But, to be honest, we are feeling that the best is yet to come.